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      Vol. III Number 31                                                                                                 August 8, 1999

A 100 Year Drought

We are in the midst of what has been called the worst drought for the past 100 years. The reservoirs and rivers are in the process of going down to 75% of capacity and are getting lower every day. Also many wells are drying up. Also in the affluent suburbs there is a proliferation of rats. All of these are signs that we are in the last days. Not only has technology has increased but sin has escalated bring down on us the wrath of God.

We have become a nation totally immersed in its wickedness. We have chosen the path of wickedness and unrighteousness rather than the pathway of the righteous. All you have to do is look at the advertisements for the fall lineup on MSNBC to see how far we have sunk into the depths of sin. It is a common occurrence to show adultery, fornication, and lasciviousness on the television. It is a common to see shows warn that the content of the show should not be viewed by minors.

All of this wickedness is bringing down the wrath of God upon our nation. We are a nation that is filled of people speaking every language on the earth. We, like the ancient nation of Babylon rule the world with our military might. If a nation steps out of line, we do not hesitate to send in our troops to force them to our will. And we as a nation have rejected all of the precepts of God, rejecting everything that is good, thus God is pouring out His divine wrath upon the United States.

Jeremiah 50:34-48
34 Their Redeemer is strong; the LORD of hosts is his name: he shall throughly plead their cause, that he may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon.
35 A sword is upon the Chaldeans, saith the LORD, and upon the inhabitants of Babylon, and upon her princes, and upon her wise men.
36 A sword is upon the liars; and they shall dote: a sword is upon her mighty men; and they shall be dismayed.
37 A sword is upon their horses, and upon their chariots, and upon all the mingled people that are in the midst of her; and they shall become as women: a sword is upon her treasures; and they shall be robbed.
38 A drought is upon her waters; and they shall be dried up: for it is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols.
39 Therefore the wild beasts of the desert with the wild beasts of the islands shall dwell there, and the owls shall dwell therein: and it shall be no more inhabited for ever; neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation.
40 As God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighbour cities thereof, saith the LORD; so shall no man abide there, neither shall any son of man dwell therein.
41 Behold, a people shall come from the north, and a great nation, and many kings shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth.
42 They shall hold the bow and the lance: they are cruel, and will not shew mercy: their voice shall roar like the sea, and they shall ride upon horses, every one put in array, like a man to the battle, against thee, O daughter of Babylon.
43 The king of Babylon hath heard the report of them, and his hands waxed feeble: anguish took hold of him, and pangs as of a woman in travail.
44 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan unto the habitation of the strong: but I will make them suddenly run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?
45 Therefore hear ye the counsel of the LORD, that he hath taken against Babylon; and his purposes, that he hath purposed against the land of the Chaldeans: Surely the least of the flock shall draw them out: surely he shall make their habitation desolate with them.
46 At the noise of the taking of Babylon the earth is moved, and the cry is heard among the nations.

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