2008 Cousins Picnic

August 23, 2008

We had a great time at Aunt Ann and Uncle George's house for the cousins picnic. Below are some photos of the party.

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Photo Info Large Photo (1280x960) Small Photo (640x480)
LeRoy Cressy in the Drink Large Image pict0178_LeRoy_swim-thumb.jpg
Rita Cressy and Tommy McQuiggan Large Image pict0179_Rita_Swim-thumb.jpg
Billie Cressy, Ann Lange, and Dave Thompson Large Image pict0180_Billie_Ann_Dave-thumb.jpg
Sue Hurrell, Jenny McQuiggan, and Rachael McQuiggan Large Image pict0181_Sue_Jen_Shannan-thumb.jpg
George Lange with Debi in the pool and Brian Heusser in the background Large Image pict0182_George_Debi_Brian-thumb.jpg
George Lange Large Image pict0183_George_Brian-thumb.jpg
Jeannie Templin Large Image pict0184_Jeannie-thumb.jpg
Rita Cressy and Debi Heusser Large Image pict0185_Rita_Debi-thumb.jpg

LeRoy Cressy
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