church Full Gospel Church

Information about the Full Gospel Church along with sermon outlines.

Honey LeRoy and Rita's Family

Our family including photographs and interests.

Gunskirchen Lager Booklet Cover The 71st Came to Gunskirchen Lager

This is the history of the 71st Infantry Division liberation of Gunskirchen Lager Concentration Camp in 1945. Rev. Walter Zimmerman was there!

Cpt Rebecca A. Jarabek Cpt. Rebecca Ann Jarabek CPT Rebecca Ann Jarabek

Rita's sister Feb. 20, 1978 - Sep. 14, 2006
Becky was a US Army Captain who served in Iraq as a helecopter medivac pilot. The medical corps also has a memorial site for her. Cpt Jarabek

The Word Doer A friend's site devoted to following the word of God.

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