Cover Title Description
Prophecy Cover [PDF] Prophecy  "The Bible's Message For Today"

Revelation-Complete.pdf.sig GnuPG Signature. If you have GnuPG or OpenPGP loaded on your system you can verify that Revelation Complete has not been changed by someone.

This is a book that I currently in the process of writing. It has as a base the book of Revelation with the details that are contained in the Old Testament. I hope that you enjoy this book that started out as a small pamphlet.

911 Commission Cover [PDF] 911 Commission Report

This is the official US 911 Commission Report on the attack on September 11, 2001 in PDF format.

911 Commission Cover [ISO] 911 Commission Report iso CD image.

This is the CD ISO image that you can burn your own CD of the 911 Report.

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