The Cressy Family

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Noah6 Cressey (Jonathan5, Joseph4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1) was born in Rowe, Mass. March 1, 1809.
Married in 1835 (1) Lucy Brown. She died Hudson, Michigan, 1838.
Married in Michigan, 1840 (2) Maria Trumbull. She died Hudson, 1863
Married in January 1866 (3) Eleanor Brown. She died October 1890.
He was a soldier and a fifer in the 4th Michigan Infantry in The Civil War. He died in Marion, Wayne County, New York, June 10, 1872, aged 63.

Children of Lucy and Noah Cressey (1st wife):
752 I

Sophia7 born January 10, 1836.

Children of Maria and Noah Cressey (2nd wife):
753 II

Theodore H. born August 10, 1842.

754 III

Rosamond born January 25, 1849.

755 IV

Charles F. born November 30, 1851.

756 V

Ardella B. born May 4, 1855.

757 VI

Chester N. born December 21, 1863. Lived in Rochester, New York.

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