The Cressy Family

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Joseph P.6 Cressey (Richard5, Richard4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1) was born September 9, 1812 in Newbury, New Hampshire, married Louisa M. Ager of Claremont, New Hampshire. In early life, after leaving school, he learned the trade of the village blacksmith. Later he moved to Manchester, New Hampshire, where he worked for the Land and Water Power Company for many years. He enlisted in the Civil War in the 7th New Hampshire Regiment and died a prisoner of war in 1864 at Salisbury, North Carolina at 52.

Children born Manchester, New Hampshire:
762 I

Albert born 1841, died young.

763 II

Rev. Charles A. born January 10, 1843, married Lizzie Allton.

764 III

Arvilla M. born February 7, 1845, died young.

765 IV

Richard born May 13, 1852, died young.

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