The Cressy Family

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Parker D.6 Cressey (Joseph5, Jonathan4, Jonathan3, Mighill2, Mighill1) born in 1808, mmarried 1831 Mary Pratt, both died in 1884.

494 I

Mary L. born in 1833, died in 1853.
Note: I think that Mary had one child with index 495 who is not mentioned

496 II

George P. born in 1834, married 1860 Eugenia R. Frink. He died in 1862.
Child: Abbie.

497 III

Romanzo C. born in 1837, married 1861 Elizabeth Simonds, Vermont, farmer, storekeeper.

    498   (1)    Fred, born in 1867, worked for Starkey & Wellman, 
                 clothiers, Vermont.
    499   (2)    Lula B., born in 1871.
500 IV

Ellen M. born in 1855, married (1) William E. Foster, (2) Frank M. Ware.

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