The Cressy Family

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Nathaniel6 Cressey (John5, John4, John3, William2, Mighill1) was born in Rowley, Massachusetts September 18, 1800. Married (1) May 8, 1823 Sarah Jewett Hale, daughter of Pemberton Hale of Rowley. She died February, 1842, Married (2) November, 1842, Abigail Lambert daughter of John Lambert of Rowley. He was a tanner; died in 1875 at 75.

Children of Sarah and Nathaniel Cressey:
831 I

Sarah N. born June 18, 1825.

832 II

Julia A. born March 1, 1827.

833 III

Hannah H. born January 6, 1829, unmarried.

834 IV

George Jewett born May 29, 1831, married Eliza Odell. He was a shoemaker and member of Rowley Congregational Church.

Children of Eliza and George Jewett Cressey:
835 I

John Pemberton Cressey born ____, married ____.

836 I

Raymond Cressey

837 II

Maurice Cressey He died 1903.

838 II

Charles N. Cressey born _____, married Alice Berry. Attended Newburyport High, Bryant and Stratton, member Congregational Church, bookkeeper.

839 III

George H. Cressey born _____, shoemaker, lived in Ipswich.

840 IV

Maud S. Cressey born 1870, married ____, graduated Rowley Grammar, Newsburyport High. Lived in North Lexington.

841 V

Everett Cressey was born December 16, 1874. Married Bertha L. Goss January 22, 1896. Market gardener and florist, member Rowley Congregational Church, died December 12, 1933, Miami, Florida, where they have a winter residence.

Children of Bertha and Everett Cressey:
842 I

Gladys H. Cressey Phipps born November 29, 1896. Married Merle B. Phipps, 1919.
She graduated Rowley Grammar, Ipswich High, Worcester Domestic Science, 1 year College, Saratoga Springs, New York, trained for nurse Lynn City Hospital.
Member Rowley Congregational Church.

843 II

Herman S. Cressey was born November 15, 1898. Married Elva E. Egler.
Graduated Rowley Grammar, Dummer Academy, attended Bryant and Stratton and Boston University.
Market gardener and florist.

Children of Elva E. and Herman S. Cressey:
844 I

Donald E. Cressey born January 14, 1925.

845 II

Marcia J. Cressey born February 8, 1927.

846 III

Robert B. Cressey born May 19, 1929.

847 V

John Pemberton born September 2, 1833, unmarried.

848 VI

Susan E. born February 2, 1835, died June, 1843.

Child of Abigail and Nathaniel Cressey:
849 VII

Susan H. born October 1, 1843, died unmarried, 1866.

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