The Cressy Family

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Hannah Currier7 Cressey Anderson (Michael6, Henry Sewall5, Francis4, Samuel3, William2, Mighill1) born October 19, 1822, married about 1842 Thomas Ridgway Anderson. She died November 22, 1863, at 41, buried at Newburyport.


Elizabeth, married sea captain, Joseph J. Taylor. He died 1899. She died 1907.


Louise G., married J. Dudley Evans. She died 1909. He died 1928.


Annie, married Daniel Brown, veteran Civil War, died 1891.


Adelaide Anderson, born May 15, 1847, married April 26, 1874, John Torrey, born April 5. 1854, in Newburyport, stage driver, storekeeper. He died September 18, 1918. She died January 24, 1934.

Harry K. Torrey, born August 16, 1880, in Newburyport, unmarried Graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, 1899; at Harvard one year; admitted to bar, and practiced law from 1907 until the World War I, 1917. He attended Plattsburg Military Training Camp, but was not accepted for the army. He entered the service of the U.S. Internal Revenue Bureau in various sections of the country, as auditor, to the present time. Served in New Hampshire Legislature, 1909-10; private secretary to Governor Bass, 1911-12, and Justice of the Portsmouth Police Court, 1913-15. His headquarters are at Congress Square Hotel, Portland, Maine.

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