The Cressy Family

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Curtis C.7 Cressey (Daniel G.6, Edward W.5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born 1818 in Bradford, New Hampshire,
married Abigail Swift of Bradford, New Hampshire.
He was a farmer, died in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in 1879 at 61.

Children born Gloucester, Massachusetts:
997 I.

Louise P.8 Cressey born 1842.

998 II.

Alice C.8 (Cressey) Bott born 1856, married Henry H. Bott.


Alice Bott


Annie Bott

999 III.

Walter Curtis8 Cressey born 1858, married 1886 Hortense A. Hart of Boston; general contractor and builder.

Children born in Gloucester, Massachusetts:
1000 I.

Eva H.9 Cressey born April 12, 1888.

1001 II.

Bertha H.9 Cressey born August 5, 1891.

1002 IV.

Harry H.8 Cressey born 1862, died 1881.

1003 V.

Isana8 (Cressey) Dodge born _____, married _____ George Dodge of Beverly, Massachusetts.

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