The Cressy Family

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Joseph Henry8 Cressey (Joseph7, Dea. James6, Noah5, Nathan4, Noah3, John2, Mighill1)
Born October 6, 1851 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Married Clara A. Stevens, daughter of Alden and Clara W. Stevens.
He worked for the Boston & Maine Railroad for many years as a foreman of section hands and was retired on a pension.
She died February 22, 1926, at 70.
He died October 8, 1927, at 76.

Children of Clara and Joseph Cressey:
1033 I.

Frederick A.9 Cressey born November 30, 1872 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Married Agnes T. Butler.

1034 II.

William S.9 Cressey born October 23, 1874 in Beverly, Massachusetts, died 1876.

1035 III.

Nellie S.9 Cressey born January 24, 1878 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Drowned on Sunday School excursion, July 4, 1898.

1036 IV.

Mabel F.9 Cressey born January 5, 1880 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Unmarried, teacher C.S. Brown School.

1037 V.

Walter S.9 Cressey born June 30, 1881 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Married Susie McClary.

Children of Susie and Walter Cressey:
1038 I.

Donald M.10 Cressey born June 8, 1917.

1039 II.

Walter B.10 Cressey born May 13, 1921, died September 2, 1922.

1040 VI.

Arthur C.9 Cressey born August 25, 1883 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Married Mabel Andrews.

1041 I.

Arthur C.10 Cressey Jr. born January 28, 1921.

1042 VII.

Alonzo W.9 Cressey born August 13, 1886 in Beverly, Massachusetts. Died?

1043 VIII.

Clara M.9 Cressey born January 5, 1890 in Beverly, Massachusetts.

1044 IX.

Austin G.9 Cressey born December 9, 1894 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Works United Shoe Machine Company, Beverly. He enlisted in World War I, 151st Depot Brigade, Camp Devens, Massachusetts. Member American Legion and Drum and Bugle Corps.

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