The Cressy Family

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Eben F.7 Cressey (Enoch6, Jonathan5, Nathan4, Noah3, John2, Mighill1)
Born August 1, 1842.
Married Elizabeth A. Whittier of Newton Junction, New Hampshire, January 7, 1866. He died May 17, 1894, at 77.

805 I

Herbert born 1868, died young.

806 II

Henry born 1872, died young.

807 III

Mabel T. born July 25, 1874, married Alonzo Hoogerzeil.

Children of Mabel T. and Alonzo Hoogerzeil:

Roland G. Hoogerzeil born August 22, 1895, married Helen J. Sullivan of Cambridge, 1917.

Children of Helen J. and Roland G. Hoogerzeil:

Roland A. Hoogerzeil born January 29, 1920.


Edward F. Hoogerzeil born November 4, 1921.

807a IV

Lulu W. born April 4, 1878, married Edmond Tougar of Milford, October 4, 1920.

For some reason there was no index number for Lulu W. Cressey. The book only mentions 3 children born to Elizabeth A. and Eben F. Cressey.

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