The Cressy Family

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Mayor Freeborn Woodberry8 Cressey (Sea Capt. John7, John6, John5, John4, John3, John2, Mighill1)
Born January 4, 1839 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Married Sarah A. Godfrey of Hampton, New Hampshire.
He was educated in the public schools of Beverly, learned the shoemaker's trade, joined when a boy the "Fire King" Engine Company, and later became foreman of the company and member of the Board of Engineers. He served as selectman for 25 years and moderator 26 years. When the town became a city in 1895, was an excellent presiding officer, with imposing presence, dignified bearing, and a deep knowledge of parliamentary law. Was elected to Legislature, served as Alderman, 1894-97, when he was elected the second Mayor of the city. As Mayor, Mr. Cressey proved himself an ideal man for the office. He was partner in the undertaking, furniture, and upholstering business under the firm name of Lee and Cressey for 35 years. He was a member of the American Mechanics and Knights of Pythias. He died suddenly in his office on Cabot Street, April 26, 1908, in his 70th year. His widow died December 23, 1934, at 89.

Children of Sarah and Freeborn Cressey:
1087 I.

John F.9 Cressey born 1867 in Beverly, Massachusetts, died young.

1088 II.

Alfred H.9 Cressey born 1868 in Beverly, Massachusetts, died 1879.

1089 III.

Lewis W.9 Cressey born 1869 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Married Ada L._____.
He died in 1907 at 38.

Children of Ada and Lewis Cressey:
1090 I.

Freeborn W.10 Cressey

1091 II..

Mary L.10 Cressey

1092 IV.

Mary A.9 Cressey born 1872 in Beverly, Massachusetts.

1093 V.

John9 Cressey born January 6, 1880 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Chief Beverly Fire Department.

1094 VI.

Willis B.9 Cressey born August 6, 1885 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Married _____.

Children of Willis B. Cressey:
1095 I.

John10 Cressey

1096 II.

Lewis10 Cressey

1097 III.

Robert W10 Cressey

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