The Cressy Family

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Edwin G.8 Cressey (Albert7, John6, Joseph5, John4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born October 8, 1857 in Gorham, Maine, married 1885 Nellie Clement of West Gorham. He was a farmer, died in 1922 by a fall in his barn. His wife died 1922.

Children born in Gorham, Maine:
930 I.

Elizabeth D.9 Cressey, born March 24, 1888, unmarried, died 1932 at 44.

931 II.

George Albert9 Cressey born July 22, 1890, married 1923 Grace M. Randall, daughter of Delbert Randall of Gorham, Maine.

Child of Grace and George:
932 I.

Ernest Edwin10 Cressey born February 14, 1924.

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