The Cressy Family

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Edwin Boothby8 Cressey (Almon H.7, Noah6, Joseph5, John4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born July 30, 1871 in Limington, Maine, married 1891 Nettie O. Marean, daughter of William Marean of Standish.
He was educated in the public schools of Standish and Limington Academy. When very young he engaged as a grocery clerk in the country; later he engaged with Portland firms as a commercial traveler, and buying fruit in the South. He owned a large farm and a number of apple orchards, and shipped many carloads to Chicago, Illinois. He died 1922 at 51.

Child born in Standish, Maine:
961 I.

Mildred L.9 (Cressey) Brazier born May 20, 1892 in Standish, Maine, married June 7, 1913, George E. Brazier of Hiram, Maine. Bookkeeper and Assistant Superintendent at Dupont Powder Company, farmer.


William Robert Brazier, born October 20, 1916


Elizabeth Heyward Brazier, born March 8, 1919


George Edward Brazier, Jr., born January 9, 1921


Edwin Cressey Brazier, born February 11, 1924

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