The Cressy Family

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Warren Plummer8 Cressey (Willis E.7, William P.6, Edward W.5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)

Warren Plummer Cressey
Warren Plummer Cressey
Former Mayor and Post Master of South Bend, Washington

Born January 5, 1871, in Rock Island, Illinois, married:
(1) 1897 Mary Uglow of Portland, Oregon.
(2) 1925 Nellie Flanders of Warner, New Hampshire.
He was educated in Bradford and Simmonds High School at Warner, New Hampshire. Has been a successful merchant in South Bend, Washington, served as Mayor and Postmaster of the City of South Bend. Has his father's violin.

Children of Mary and Warren:
1014 I.

Willis Earl9 Cressey born September 10, 1901 in South Bend, Washington, Served as Secretary to Congressman Albert Johnson, Washington, D.C., four years. In 1935 with Spaulding Brothers.

1015 II.

Frederick Norman9 Cressey born April 10, 1903 in South Bend, Washington. In 1935 with Horlucks Corporation in Seattle, Washington.

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