The Cressy Family

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Carl F.8 Cressey (Myron D.7, Dea. Greely M.6, Cyrus5, Richard4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born December 31, 1904, in Malden, Massachusetts.
Married Lora Belle Cottrell born June 1903, daughter of Delano D. Cottrell at Bradford, New hampshire.
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On November 22, 1915, one of the handsomest four-masters afloat was the new schooner "Carl F. Cressey," arrived in the Portland, Maine, harbor from Jacksonville, Florida, with a cargo of hard pine. Inasmuch as the "Dustin Cressey" and the "Carl Cressey" are both destined for the Deering-Winslow Company, and as another schooner is already in there discharging, it looks like a sort of lay-off for the people on the two 'Cresseys" But the "Carl Cressey" with her fresh, clean paint, her white masts and bright rigging presents a marine picture, the like of which is not often seen.

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