The Cressy Family

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William5 Cressey (William4, Samuel3, William2, Mighill1) was born in Newburyport, Mass., about 1770, married in 1789 Esther Stone Cressey. His business was that of a ship carpenter, and by accident he fell from a vessel and died from injuries in 1821 at 51. She died in 1840.
534 I.

Susanna6, born. in 1790, married (1) William Gilbert, sailor,
married (2) William Work, town clerk of Newbury, Mass. He died in 1845. She died in 1872 at 82. Children: John, William, Sophia Gilbert; Edward, Moses, Joseph Work, married Hannah Chase. He was vice-president Trader's Bank in Boston. Hannah died in 1882, Joseph died in 1884.

535 II.

William, born in 1794, married and lived in Charleston, South Carolina.

536 III.

John, born in 1796, sailor, died at sea.

537 IV.

Eliza, born in 1799, married Mr. Vincent.

538 V.

Moses, born about 1801, died unmarried at San Domingo, California.

539 VI.

Mary Ann, born about 1804, married Mr. Hayes.

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LeRoy Cressy