The Cressy Family

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Noah6 Cressey (Joseph5, John4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1) was born in Gorham, Maine, July 28, 1798, married in 1817 Hannah, daughter of Captain David and Mary (Cressey) Watts of Buxton. He bought a farm on the West Gorham road adjoining his brother Eben's farm, where he made sugar boxes besides farming. This was 30-acre lot, Number 40. About 1837 he sold his farm to his brother Joseph, when he moved to the adjoining town of Standish, where he bought a farm and kept a grocery store at Cabbage Yard. He and his wife were members of the Methodist Church. He died in Standish in 1839 at 40. His widow was an enterprising woman and ran the store for several years. She died 1872 at 76.

Children born Gorham, Maine:
626 I.

Sally7 born April 18, 1820, married in 1845 Hugh Moore of Standish. She died 1855.


Charles R. Moore, born 1854, married in 1877 Emma E. Witham.


Charles E. Moore


Irving Moore


Walter S. Moore


Hattie G. Moore

627 II.

William F., born January 10, 1823, died young.

628 III.

Harriet born September 24, 1824, married in 1846 Jonathan Clay, Jr., of Buxton. He kept store at Groveville. She died in Buxton, 1855. He died in Portland, 1885.

629 IV.

George F., born May 24, 1829, married in 1877 Harriet, daughter of Charles Smith of Scarboro. He died in 1910 at 81.

630 V.

Elizabeth A. born August 9, 1831, unmarried, died 1869.

631 VI.

Almon H., born September 9, 1834, married Abbie M. Boothby of Limington, Maine.

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LeRoy D. Cressy