The Cressy Family

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Rev. Timothy Robinson6 Cressey (Benjamin5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1) was born September 18, 1800, in Pomfret, Connecticut, married (1) in 1831 Mary, daughter Daniel Peck, Royalston, Mass., died in 1838 in Columbus, Ohio, married (2) in 1839 Josephine, daughter Rev. Jonathan Going, D.D., of Granville, Ohio, who graduated at Brown, 1809, ordained in Vermont, 1811, pastor First Baptist Church, Worcester, Mass., 1815-31, received D.D. degree, 1832, from Colby College, Waterville, Maine, was first Secretary American Baptist Home Missionary Society, 1832-37, was President Denison University, Ohio, 1837-44, died in Granville, Ohio, 1844. In 1820 Mr. Cressey left the shoemaker's bench in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, to prepare for the "Gospel Ministry." Ten years of sacrifice and a thorough education was conquered. He graduated at Amherst College, 1828, and Theological Seminary, Newton, Mass., 1830, ordained 1831 at Hingham, was pastor at Hingham, South Boston, Mass., Columbus, Ohio, where he added 284 members in 7 years, Cincinnati, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, St. Paul, Red Wing, Faribault, Cannon City, Hastings, Minn., Kendallville, Indiana, and Indianola, Iowa. In the Civil war he and 5 sons enlisted in their country's service. He was Chaplain 2nd Minnesota Infantry 28 months, was in the battles of Mill Spring, Chickamauga, and Stone River. In his last short sickness he said, "My work is done. I'm going home." He died 1870 in Des Moines, Iowa. She died 1885.

632 I.

Infant daughter7 born in 1832 in Hingham, Mass., died young.

633 II.

Mary E. born in 1836 in Columbus, Ohio, died young.

634 III.

Erastus Timothy born February 4, 1838 in Columbus, Ohio, married (1) Helen F. Carter, (2) Julia P. Brooks.

635 IV.

Rev. Frank B. born March 3, 1840 in Columbus, Ohio. Married (1) Harriet E. Janes, (2) Alice J. Sunderlin.

636 V.

Captain Frederick J. born March 3, 1840 in Columbus, Ohio. Married (1) Ella Graves, (2) Nora Hall, (3) Imogene Alderman, (4) Laura Hoxworth.

637 VI.

Rev. Edward K., born February 11, 1842, in Columbus Ohio, married Eloise Britton.

638 VII.

Rev. George A., born November 8, 1843 in Cincinnati, Ohio, married 1872 Sylvia S. Tuttle, educated at Shurtleff College, Alton, Illinois, graduated at Baptist Theological Seminary, Chicago, 1872, ordained in 1869, pastor Milwaukee, Elkhorn, Kenosha, Oshkosh, River Falls, Wisconsin, and Huron, South Dakota. He was a soldier in 6th Minnesota Regiment, Civil War, 3 years, died 1915 in Chicago.

639 VIII.

Josephine L. born 1845 in Columbus, Ohio, unmarried, taught in Bishop College, Texas, died in 1922 in Des Moines, Iowa.

640 IX.

Annie M. born 1847 in Indianapolis, Indiana, died young.

641 X.

Emma L. born 1849 in Indianapolis, Indiana, unmarried, school teacher, died 1897 in Des Moines, Iowa.

642 XI.

William G. born 1851 in Indianapolis, Indiana, married 1878 Ida Foss, insurance agent, died 1921, Los Angeles, California.

643 XII.

Carleton K. born 1852 in St. Paul, Minnesota, died young.

644 XIII.

Charles H. born 1857 in Cannon City, Minnesota, unmarried, studied at Chicago University, was a journalist. Died in 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri.

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LeRoy D. Cressy