The Cressy Family

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Erastus6 Cressey (Jonathan5, Joseph4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1) was born 1797 in Rowe, Mass., married in 1825 Sophronia Smith. He was educated in the public schools of Rowe. In 1842 they moved to Prairieville, Michigan, and labored with the early pioneers, making a home out of the wilderness. After hard labor secured a farm of 320 acres. He was honored by having the first post office named Cressey, and also was one of the first selectmen. The first schoolhouse was built on his farm. He died in 1862 at 65. She died in 1893 at 89.

Children, 7 born Rowe, 2 born Michigan:
717 I.

Waitstill H.7, born 1825, married (1) Abbie C. Nichols, (2) Lestina (Goodnew) Cressey, widow of Everett J. Cressey, Michigan.

718 II.

Olive, born in 1828.

719 III.

Chester S., born in 1829, married in 1852 Lovina Nichols, Michigan.

Children of Chester S. and Lovina Cressey:
720 I

Adelbert Cressey8

721 II

Lizzie Cressey

722 IV.

Harriet R., born in 1832, married William Shorter, Michigan.

Children of Harriet R. and William Shorter:

Arthur Shorter

723 V.

John Quincy born 1834, married in 1854 Dorcas Brown, Michigan.

724 VI.

Josephine F. born 1838, married in 1854 Daniel Clark, Michigan.

Children of Josephine F. and Daniel Clark:

Herbert Clark


Isadore Clark


Eddy Clark


Ida Clark


Guy Clark

725 VII

Sophronia O. born 1841, married (1) in 1862 Porter B. Earle, died in army, 1865; married (2) Andrew Spicer in 1868, Washington State.

Children of Sophronia O. and Andrew Spicer:

Grace Spicer


Leone Spicer

726 VIII

Calista E. born 1844, married in 1870 Lyscom Brigham, Michigan.

727 IX

Erastus W., born 1847.

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LeRoy D. Cressy