The Cressy Family

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Waitstill H.7 Cressey (Erastus6, Jonathan5, Joseph4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born November 3, 1825 in Rowe, Massachusetts.
(1) 1848 Abbie C. Nichols of Orangeville, Michigan, who died in 1869 at 40.
(2) 1880 Lestina (Goodnew) Cressey, widow of Everett J. Cressey, of Plainwell, Michigan She died in 1904 at 61.
After her death he made his home with his son, Irving L., of Hastings, Michigan. Mr. Cressey's parents left their old home in Rowe, Massachusetts in 1842 and took up 320 acres of land in the wilderness. The first schoolhouse in Orangeville township, Michigan was built of logs on this farm. He attended school at the Slater Indian Mission in Prairieville, Michigan, and was well acquainted with Noonday and Mascoh, Chief and Sachem of the Ottawas at the mission. He learned the trade of cabinetmaker, was appointed postmaster by President Grant, served as town clerk eight years, and was justice of the peace. He was a loyal member of the Baptist Church, and his work contributed largely to the erection of a church in Orangeville. His grandfather, Jonathan5, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was a member of Washington's bodyguard for three years. Waitstill died June 10, 1919, in his 85th year.

Children of Abbie and Waitstill:
1018 I.

Sabina8 Cressey born in 1849.

1019 II.

Irving Leroy8 Cressey born in 1851.

1020 III.

Clara8 Cressey born in 1853.

1021 IV.

Ida8 Cressey born in 1855.

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LeRoy D. Cressy