The Cressy Family

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Addison S.6 Cressey (Cyrus5, Richard4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1) was born December 1825 in Bradford, New Hampshire, Married 1855 Mary E. West. Educated in the public schools. He was a farmer, died January 2, 1899, at 73.

Children born Bradford:
768 I

Addison M. born August 29, 1858, died 1860.

769 II

Milner A. born February 28, 1861, married in 1894 Maud C. Gillingham.

Child of Maud C. and Milner Cressey:
770 I

Clara Cressey born September 24,1896.

771 III

Mary Abbie born November 4, 1862, married December 1889, George A. Hackett, No children.

772 IV

John West was born July 19, 1866. Married in 1905 Esther M. Schadt of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Child of Esther M. and John West Cressey:
773 I

Richard W. Cressey was born October 24, 1907.

774 V

George F. was born May 26, 1868. Married in June 1900, Annie Cheney. In October, 1900, they went to Ceiba Mocha, Cuba, where their children were born.

Children of Annie and George F. Cressey born in Cuba:
775 I

Thelma A. Cressey born November 21, 1905.

776 II

Cyrus F. Cressey born July 18, 1907.

777 VI

Nettie H. was born August 26, 1877. Married in November 1888, Harry W. Marshall.


Marjorie E. Marshall born June 24, 1903.

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