The Cressy Family

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Cyrus5 Cressey (Richard4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1) was born in 1786 in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, married in 1811 Hannah Sawyer of New Boston, New Hampshire. He moved to Bradford with his parents when 8 years old, educated in the public schools, was a natural genius -- a farmer, carpenter, repaired clocks, Justice of the Peace, and was Sheriff for many years. He was a prominent man in town and a Mason of considerable note, being at one time Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free Masons of New Hampshire. He died in 1860 in 74th year.

Children b. Bradford, New Hampshire:

406 I.

Hannah6, born September 1812, died in 1819.

407 II.

William S., born June, 1813, married in 1842 Eliza A. Jones.

Children of Eliza A. and William S. Cressey:
408 I

Sarah Cressey

409 II

Betsey Cressey

410 III

William Cressey

411 III.

Jabez W., born August, 1815, unmarried, soldier in Civil War in 17th Illinois Regiment. He died in 1869 at 54.

412 IV.

(Dea.) Greely M., born February 22, 1818, married Jane M. Spaulding.

413 V.

Mary S., born May, 1820, married Moses Morrison. She died in 1860.

414 VI.

Cyrus M., born October 1822, died in 1852.

415 VII.

Addison S., born December 1825, married Mary E. West.

416 VIII.

Antonette C., born in March 1834, married in 1856 Daniel F. West.

Children of Antonette C. and Daniel F. West:

Fred West


Lizzie West

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