The Cressy Family

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Alvin7 Cressey (Ebenezer6, Joseph5, John4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born 1806 in Gorham, Maine, married 1838 Sarah Flagg, Topsham, Maine. He lived on his father's farm on the West Gorham road. He died in 1858 at 52. She died in 1888 at 78. Members Congregational Church.

Children born in Gorham, Maine:
920 I.

Eliza A8 Cressey born 1839, died 1869 at 30.

921 II.

Eben F.8 Cressey born 1841, died 1866 at 25.

922 III.

Caroline A.8 Cressey born 1843, died 1869 at 26.

923 IV.

Elizabeth M.8 Cressey born 1845, died 1850.

924 V.

Martha E.8 (Cressey) Robie
Born 1849, married January 10, 1900, ex-Governor Frederick Robie of Gorham, Maine. He graduated at Bowdoin college, 1841, and a Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1844. President Lincoln appointed him paymaster in Civil War. He was elected twice Governor of Maine in 1882-84, was President First National Bank of Portland and Gorham Savings Bank. He left about $500,000, and his widow about $150,000. He died 1912 in 90th year. She died 1915.

925 VI.

Hattie E.8 Cressey born 1851, died in 1888 at 37.

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