The Cressy Family

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William Wilberforce7 Cressey (Joseph6, Joseph5, John4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born October 1, 1828 in Gorham, Maine, married 1854 Frances Ellen Rounds, daughter of Robert Rounds of Gorham, educated in the public schools and Gorham Academy. She was a member of the First Parish Church.
He was a practical dirt farmer, kept a stock of 30 or more registered Jersey cows, yoke of oxen and 3 horses. He went to Portland to market his butter, eggs and farm produce, was a member of the Grange and Masons. He died 1892 in 64th year. She died 1922 in 89th year.

Children born in Gorham, Maine:
952 I.

Charles Robert8 Cressey born December 7, 1854, married:
(1) Annie Johnson
(2) Alice O'Neil.

953 II.

May Louise8 Cressey born October 13, 1861, died 1864.

954 III.

Melville William8 Cressey born February 2, 1867, married 1890 Sarah Jeannette Fifield, daughter of James J. Fifield of Gorham; farmer. He died 1905 at 38.

Children born in Gorham, Maine:
955 I.

Dwight S.9 Cressey born 1891, died 1893.

956 II.

Clarence S.9 Cressey born July 21, 1897, married Helen Whitcome. He attended Deering High School, worked for Lehigh Valley Coal Company, Portland, Maine, fireman, 380 Congress.

Children born in Portland, Maine:
957 I.

Eleanor J.10 Cressey born February 11, 1919.

958 II.

Clarence S.10 Cressey Jr. born August 3, 1921,

959 III.

Marjorie A.10 Cressey born June 3, 1923.

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