The Cressy Family

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Rev. Edward K.7 Cressey (Rev. Timothy6, Benjamin5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born February 11, 1842, in Columbus Ohio, married March 11, 1868, in Chicago, Illinois, Eloise Britton, daughter of Professor Nathan Britton.
He entered Shurtleff College, Upper Alton, Illinois, in 1859, when 17. In 1864 when 22 he enlisted in the Civil War in the 133rd Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, graduated Chicago Theological Seminary with degree of B.A., ordained in 1868 at Mankato, Minnesota, served as pastor Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois, Waterloo, Iowa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and associate pastor at Tremont Temple, Boston, Massachusetts, also pastor First Baptist Church in Montreal, Canada, and in 1894 pastor of Second Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. In 1888 he spent much time abroad. While in London, England, he was invited to preach in the pulpit of the noted English divine, Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon, and afterward was invited to his home. He wrote the "Life of James G. Blaine" in 1884 for a Boston Publishing House, was an evangelist with much success, and founded missions. He died December 21, 1920, in Brooklyn, New York in 79th year.

983 I.

Reverend Edward K.8 Cressey Jr. born February 10, 1869, at Mankato, Minnesota, married in 1893 Emily Slater of Leeds, England. He was a graduate of Crozer Theological Seminary, an ordained Baptist minister. He and his wife were both evangelists. He died in London, England, in 1932 at 63, no children.

984 II.

Albert B.8 Cressey born February 20, 1881, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, died young.

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