The Cressy Family

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Rev. Charles Gage7 Cressey, (Rev. Edwin6, Benjamin5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born 1855 in Hastings, Minnesota, married Augusta _____. Attended Baptist Theological Seminary at Morgan Park, Illinois, 1881, ordained 1882, pastor at Whitefield and Steuben, Illinois, Centerville, South Dakota, Idaho and California Home Missionary, died 1931, San Diego, California.

656 I.

Earl H.8 Cressey born June 17, 1883, in Whitefield, Minnesota, married Margaret Millie, 1927, missionary, China Christian Educational Association, Shanghai.

657 II.

Royal C.8 Cressey born April 15, 1885, in Centerville, South Dakota, died a college student, 1918.

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LeRoy D. Cressy