The Cressy Family

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Rev. Azariah7 Cressey (Cpt. Allen6, Andrew5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born in 1821 in Bradford, New Hampshire, married:
(1) 1851 Dorothy Ann Gordon, Alexandria, New Hampshire, who died in Sutton in 1880 at 52
(2) 1885 Sophronia (Carroll) Stockwell, Croyden, New Hampshire. Hers was an earnest Christian life. Rev. C. H. Fletcher of Newport spoke words of comfort from, "And there shall be no more death." A quartette sang two selections at her funeral at South Sutton, New Hampshire, where she died in 1894 in her 74th year.

Children of Dorothy and Rev. Azariah:
990 I.

Sarah E.8 (Cressey) Hutchinson born 1852, married 1882 R. W. Hutchinson by Rev. B. P. Parker.

991 II.

Frank A.8 Cressey born in 1854, died in 1866.

992 III.

Hattie M.8 Cressey born in 1859, died in 1881.

993 IV.

Abbie M.8 Cressey born in 1863, died in 1881.

994 V.

George B.8 Cressey born in 1866, married Minnie Wells in 1887; Railroad engineer.

995 VI.

William H.8 Cressey born in 1871. Lived in Manchester, New Hampshire.

996 VII.

Dorothy8 Cressey born _____.

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