The Cressy Family

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John Saunders7 Cressey (Thomas6, John5, John4, John3, William2, Mighill1)
Born May 16, 1833 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
Married 1857 Betsey C. Kelsey, daughter of Charles Kelsey of Derry, New Hampshire. She was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, November 12, 1838, and died in 1897 in her 60th year
After his wife's death he went to live with a son in the West, where he died in 1907 at 74.

Children of Betsey and John S. Cressy:
1054 I.

Frederick A.8 Cressy born August 1, 1858 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
Married 1882 Amelia Reichart.
Shoe merchant in Omaha, Nebraska.

1055 II.

David W.8 Cressy born August 5, 1862 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
Married 1887 Nellie Houghton.
Salesman in Oakland, Iowa.

1056 III.

Frank E.8 Cressy born November 22, 1867 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
Died young.

1057 IV.

Delia A.8 (Cressy) Stevens born September 5, 1871 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
Married 1892 John H. Stevens. U.S. employ in Lynn, Massachusetts.

1058 V.

Ruth A.8 Cressy born August 16, 1874 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
Died young.

1059 VI.

Charles K.8 Cressy born August 26, 1879 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
Lived in Lynn, Massachusetts.

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