The Cressy Family

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Thomas Edward7 Cressy (Thomas6, John5, John4, John3, William2, Mighill1)
Born February 26, 1835 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
Married Susan Jewett Hale, daughter of Pemberton Hale of Salem, Massachusetts.
Mr. Cressey kept a shoe store in Peabody, Massachusetts. About 1865 he went to Denver, Colorado, for his health, and died there in 1872. His widow died in Salem, Massachusetts in December 1873. They both died when their youngest child was very young, and he was brought up by his uncle, James Ford Hale, son of Pemberton Hale, and who married Mehitable H. Cressey7, daughter of Richard6 and Mary (Harris) Cressey of Rowley.
Thomas Edward and wife were Baptists.

Children of Susan and Thomas Cressy:
1060 I.

Martha Ella8 (Cressy) Whitney Born 1863 in Peabody, Massachusetts.
There is no real reference who raised Martha, but seeing that she lived in New England the editor assumes that she was raised by Mehitable H. (Cressey)7 and James Ford Hale as her brother Pemberton.
Married Frederick Whitney, born Pittston, Maine, 1864. He was an artist and she was a music teacher. They lived in Salem, Massachusetts. She died in 1907.

Children of Martha and Frederick Whitney:

Claflin Whitney


Pemberton Whitney

1061 II.

Thomas8 Cressy Died Young.

1062 III.

Susie8 Cressy Died Young.

1063 IV.

Grace8 Cressy Died Young.

1064 V.

George8 Cressy Died Young.

1065 VI.

Rev. Pemberton Hale8 Cressy Born November 23, 1872, in Denver, Colorado.
He was brought up by his uncle, James Ford Hale, son of Pemberton Hale, and who married Mehitable H. Cressey7, daughter of Richard6 and Mary (Harris) Cressey of Rowley
Married Elizabeth Breed Walcott in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
He graduated at Salem High School, 1891, Harvard College, 1895, Andover Theological Seminary, 1898. He received call to the North Conway Congregational Church in 1898 and was ordained there in 1899; was pastor four years. In 1903 he accepted a call from the First Church of Christ at Groton, Massachusetts (Unitarian), and remained pastor 13 years. In 1916 he became pastor of the Old South Church in Beverly, Massachusetts, where he was pastor at the time of his death, February 16, 1920.

Children of Elizabeth and Rev. Pemberton Cressy:
1066 I.

Walcott Hale9 Cressy born September 5, 1903 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Graduated Beverly High School, 1922, Bowdoin College, 1926, B.A. Took a summer course in Paris, France, 1928, taught at Dean Academy, Franklin, Massachusetts, 1926-27, Suffield School, Connecticut, 1927-29, was awarded a post to teach at Roanne, France, 1930-31, by the Institute of International Education, taught at Riviera School, Cameo, France, 1932-33, and at St. Cloud, France, 1933-34. He received M.A. degree at Middlebury College, Vermont, 1934, is to teach the winter of 1934-35 at Worcester Academy, Massachusetts.

1067 II.

Robert Ford9 Cressy born December 24, 1907 in Groton, Massachusetts.
graduated Beverly High School, 1924, Bowdoin College, 1928, A.B., received Longfellow Prize and went to Harvard College, 1928-29, M.A., taught Spanish at St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H., 1929-30. He is as of 1935 tutoring pupils in Beverly, Massachusetts.

1068 III.

Richard9 Cressy born January 22, 1912 in Groton, Massachusetts.
Graduated Beverly High School, 1928, Andover Academy, 1930, Williams College, 1934, B.A. As of September, 1934 he is a radio announcer at New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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