The Cressy Family

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Horace8 Cressey (Daniel7, John M.6, John W.5, John4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born March 10, 1841 in Buxton, Maine.
Married 1874 Lovanthia Elwell, daughter of George Elwell of Gorham, Maine, by Rev. W. J. Twort.
When very young he left school and went to work to earn money for himself, and saved it. In 1862, when 21, he enlisted in Company C, 27th Maine Regiment, Volunteer Infantry, in the Civil War. Just prior to the battle of Gettysburg the regiment's time had expired, and they were asked to remain in Washington, D.C., until after the battle. He was one of 300 who volunteered to remain, and each one received a medal of honor voted by Congress.
He worked for the Portland and Rochester Railroad and for S. D. Warren Company, paper mill at Cumberland Mills. In 1878 he bought a farm of 100 acres at West Gorham. His rule was to pay cash, and he left a good property.
His wife was a member of the Methodist Church.
He died 1911. She died 1916.

Children of Lovanthia and Horace Cressey:
1098 I.

Ida M.9 (Cressey) Emmons born 1876.
Married September, 1900, Albra Percival Emmons, Portland, Maine. She died November 1900.

1099 II.

Alvin Horace9 Cressey born September 8, 1877.
    (1) Irene M. Douglass, daughter of Alonzo Douglass of West Gorham, Maine.
    (2) September 20, 1916, Martha J. Pritchard, New York.
He was a farmer, grocery clerk and garageman. He died September 3, 1928, Daytona Beach, Florida.

Children of Irene and Alvin Cressey:
1100 I.

Ruth Elva10 (Cressey) Elliott born June 30, 1902 Westbrook, Maine.
Married June 18, 1921, Ralph H. Elliott, Gorham, farmer.

Children of Ruth and Ralph H. Elliott:

Carlton A. Elliott born October, 1921, died June, 1923


Clifford E. Elliott born October 7, 1922.

1101 II.

Arthur S.10 Cressey born November 11, 1903, Westbrook, Maine.
Married January 14, 1928, Reba M. Manchester, Windham, Maine.
He was a druggist, Kennebunk, Maine.

Children of Reba and Arthur S. Cressey:
1102 I.

Eleanor I.11 Cressey born 1929, died 1929,

1103 II.

Ann L.11 Cressey born July 19, 1931.

1104 III.

Philo B.10 Cressey born July 8, 1906, Gorham, Maine.
Married July 3, 1925, Florence V. Usher, of Standish, Maine.
He was a salesman in Gorham, Maine.

Children of Florence and Philo B. Cressey:
1105 I.

Philo B.11 Cressey Jr born January 7, 1926.

1106 II.

Robert F.11 Cressey born January 15, 1928.

1107 IV.

Doris L.10 Cressey born July, 1909, died April, 1916.

1108 V.

Ralph C.10 Cressey born May 24, 1912, Gorham, Maine.
Married December, 1932, Barbara Hurd, of North Berwick, Maine.

Children of Barbara and Ralph C. Cressey:
1109 I.

Richard C.11 Cressey born August 19, 1933.

Children of Martha and Alvin Cressey:
1110 VI.

Nancy A.10 (Cressey) McDonald born June 5, 1917, Montreal, Canada.
Married December 30, 1933, Herbert G. McDonald, citrus grower, Port Orange, Florida.

1111 VII.

Dorothy L.10 Cressey born December 3, 1919, Montreal, Canada.
In 1935 was a High School student in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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