The Cressy Family

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Jean Franklin10(Cressy) Barker (George H.9 George S.8, George H.7, Aaron T.6, Jonathan5, Nathan4, Noah3, John2, Mighill1)
Born October 12, 1932, in Waterville, Maine.
Married January 19, 1957 Elliott Rensselaer Barker III in Portland, Maine.

Children of Jean and Elliott Barker:

Susan Jean Barker (legally changed name to Sue Barker-Miller) born April 4, 1958, in Albany, New York.
Married Scott Miller on March 14, 1981. Divorced 1999.

Children of Sue Barker-Miller and Scott Miller:

Brent Scott Barker-Miller, born March 16, 1987, Stoneham, Massachusetts.


Eve Charlotte Barker-Miller, born July 15, 1990, Portland, Maine.


Mary Franklin (Barker) Tanzi, born November 23, 1959, in Richmond, Virginia.
Married Carlo W. Tanzi, June 16, 1989.

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