Sermons 2002:

Predestination and Foreknowledge of God May 12

There have been many sermons preached about predestination and the foreknowledge of God. There are many who believe that both are the same and that you are either predestined to spend eternity in heaven or in hell regardless of your actions. Others believe that based on your actions God has the foreknowledge on how you will accept his divine gift of salvation on whether you will spend eternity in hell or in heaven.

Am I Ready to Meet Jesus? May 5

There have been many sermons about the coming rapture of the church and how all the Christian will rise to meet Jesus in the air. The question I ask today is, ``If Jesus calls his church home today, would you rise to meet Jesus in the air?'' There are many who will be shocked to find themselves left on this Terra Fermi. They will find that the sin in their life prevented them from rising to meet Jesus in the air. They have been deceived into thinking that once they have repented that all future sins are covered and they can live a life of sin and still be saved.

Agents of Satan Apr. 28

Yesterday Rita and I saw a man on Kensington Ave. who had tattoos of nude women on both arms with an upside down cross on one arm with 666 above it. When you see a person like this it is easy to distinguish what side he is on. On the news yesterday there was a report about the Chester County Court house having to cover up the ten commandments on the building. The Philadelphia Inquirer article ``Covering for 10 Commandments'' gives us several more agents of Satan. One of them is U.S. District Judge Stewart Dalzell when he ordered the covering up of the Ten Commandments on the Chester County Court House Wall. The first showed an outward, despicable display of his love for Satan, while the other may be a member of a main line church but his actions dictate that he is also Satan's agent. Another agent of Satan is the atheists Sally Flynn and Margaret Downey, president and founder of the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia, who are the ones who brought the original suit against the displaying of the Ten commandments on the court house.

Fruit of the Spirit Apr. 14

We are living in an environment where teenage girls walk around with explosives strapped to them and blow up not only themselves, but everyone else around them. In the community where they are from they are held in high esteem and are considered martyrs who will immediately go to heaven. In today's Jerusalem Post there is an article titled, EY E ON THE MEDIA: Depending on your 'point of view' about how the press in various parts of the world treats the events in Israel. The media selectively chooses to leave portions of the story untold depending on what they want to accomplish with their story. This article is a prime example of how media bias works. Here are the last three paragraphs of the above article.

How Close Are We? Apr. 7

In the Bible there are references to what technology will be available in the last days. Also there are many references to Israel and the rest of the world in the last days. With a look at today's news, we see Satan in the move to defeat the world. We see the armies of the world mobilizing for war against Israel. We see people of the world being deceived with the conception that suicide will get you into heaven. We see many who believe that the murder of your fellow man is being taught as a good thing. look at the following list of what is happening in the world today:

Easter and Passover Mar. 31

Now we are at the time of the year that is supposed to signify peace and good will. What we have is what some are calling Armageddon. My question is, ``How close are we to the fulfillment of the Bible prophecies concerning the last days?''

God's Promises Mar. 17

In the Bible there are many promises from God. In tonight's sermon we will look at a few of these promises. Most of the time you hear of just the promises for the Christian, but God has promises for both the Christian and the sinner. Which set of promises you are promised is totally up to you.

Try the Spirits Mar. 10

In the Bible we are told to try the spirits to see whether they be of God or not. Now there are many spirits in the world today that are tempting the Christian. These spirits are the definately not of God and are easy to spot. But the ones that John was writing about were the subtle ones who are really disguised and come across as being of God.

Jesus Coming with the Saints Mar. 3

There are several references in the Bible concerning the Lord coming with his saints to conquer the world which is controlled and run by Satan. This coming of the Lord is at this time very imminent! The exact day and hour no one knows, but we can see the signs of the times and know that the time is at hand for the Lord to call the true believers home and return with them to set up his divine millennial reign.

The Way; The Truth; And The Life Feb 24

In our life sometimes we get off track and have a little trouble finding the way. Like when we are on the road we get out the road map to help us find the way. At other times we stop and ask directions when we are totally lost. In the above scripture we see that Jesus is the way.

False Bible Teaching Feb. 17

Today I am going to introduce a subject that will upset a lot of people and cause a lot of people to question what they have been taught. If I succeed, you will start doing your own research on what the Bibles says about any subject. For today's study I am going to deal with the popular story of Jonah and the Whale which we have all have been taught as children.

Jesus: Our Only Hope Feb. 10

In these trying times we have only one hope and Saviour, which is Jesus Christ the Lord. There are many who are worried about the vulnerability of the United States to terrorists attacks, the decline and fall of the Stock Market, and their personal security. All of these concerns along with others have many concerned about the future.

Signs of the Times Feb. 3

We are living in the day when the prophecies mentioned in the Bible are coming true. We live in a time where technology and computer processors rule the world. How many times have you heard, ``The computer has made a mistake,'' when enquiring about a bill? How many times have you surfed the web searching for something? How many times have you been able to use a computer? Today we talk about gigabytes of RAM where just 10 years ago most computers came with 4 megabytes of RAM. Today on Crucial Technology's web site the price for a 512 MB memory module is:

Following the Lord Jan. 27

To follow Jesus Christ the Lord is to forsake the ways of the world and the sins thereof. In order to be a follower of Christ you have to reject many of the beliefs that you currently hold fast. Let's take a look at these beliefs that the world holds fast to.

Following the Crowd Jan. 20

Today there are many who believe that following the crowd is the right thing to be doing. They believe that if everyone else is doing something then it is correct for them to be doing the same. This attitude is getting a lot of people in trouble. For instance, it is no excuse to say that you were keeping up with traffic when the cop has pulled you over for speeding. You cannot say that you're not guilty of fraud when you manipulated the Stock Market by buying company stock with borrowed money while selling all of your personal holdings of the stock. There are many deceitful practices that go in the world today that are dishonest, and many are using legal loop holes to get over on others, but saying that everyone else is doing the same is no excuse.

Meaning Of Christianity Jan. 13

There is a tremendous difference between being a Christian according to the Bible and what the world thinks a Christian is. The Beatitudes give us a concise description of a Christian.

What Are You Seeking Jan. 7

What are you seeking? Are you seeking wealth, happiness, prosperity, friendship, love, or anything else that the world can give you? If so, you are seeking only a portion of what you can have if you seek the Lord. There are many temptations in the world that are designed to draw away the Christian from his first love. These same temptations are in the world to keep the sinner in his place. Satan has all sorts of temptations to keep his followers in line. Though they think that they are following their own desires, in reality they are following the orders of their master.

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