The Cressy Family

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Thomas Bradstreet6 Cressey (Richard5, John4, John3, William2, Mighill1) born 1804 in Rowley, Massachusetts.
Married (1) Rhoda Ann Whittier of Rowley. She died in 1870 at 60.
Married (2) Emily (Baker) Lydston in 1872 in Newburyport. They lived in Rowley, Massachusetts.
He was a member Congregational Church, soldier Civil War, died in 1890 in 86th year.

Children born Rowley:
862 I.

Alvin O.7, born 1830, railroad engineer, soldier Civil War, died 1884.

863 II.

Edward A.7, born 1832, died 1833.

864 III.

Jane L.7, born 1843. Married Richard Hale, mail agent and expressman.


Anna Hale


George Hale

865 IV.

Rev. Jeremiah Jewett7, born 1845,
was in "House of Prayer" in Lowell Massachusetts, preached at Trinity Church, Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He had supplied Reverend Dr. Converse's pulpit and other churches. Stricken with paralysis, he was taken to the Cambridge hospital, where he died in 1893 in his 48th year.

866 V.

Thomas Mighill7, born 1847, married Abbie A. Davis. Was manager for a Rubber Company in New York, died 1890 at 42.

867 I.

Mabel L.8 born 1877 in Somerville, unmarried, Episcopal, lived Waltham.

868 II.

Thomas Chester8 born 1880, Charlestown, married Susan A. Mushett.

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