The Cressy Family

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Richard6 Cressey (Richard5, John4, John3, William2, Mighill1)
Born April 8, 1807, married Mary E. Harris 1833, teacher, Rowley, Massachusetts. They were church members. He was a farmer and tanner. He died in Rowley, 1864, in 58th year. She died 1894 in 88th year.

Children born in Rowley:
869 I.

Ann M.7 born 1834, married Richard Carpenter, Foxboro, Massachusetts. She died 1864.

870 II.

Mehitable H.7, born 1835, married in 1857 James F. Hale, merchant, Salem, son of Pemberton Hale.

Children born in Salem, Massachusetts:

James P. Hale born 1858, assistant Clerk of Courts, Salem, Massachusetts.


Rev. Harris G. Hale, born 1865, "Minister of the Gospel."

871 III.

Job Harris7, Born 1838.
Married (1) Margaret Hartham, 1871.
Married (2) Ida Newhall.
Wholesale flour and grain, J. H. Cressey & Co., Boston

Children born Malden:
872 I.

Harris8 Cressey, born 1872.

873 II.

Fred L.8 Cressey, born 1874, married ________.



874 III.

Marion8 born 1877.

875 IV.

Benjamin G.7 Born 1841, married Sarah F. Hale, carpenter, soldier Civil War.

876 I

Annie8 Cressey

877 II.

Frank8 Cressey

878 V.

Charles B.7 Cressey Born 1843, married Esther A. Thornell, 1874, worked in hat factory in Foxboro, Massachusetts, drove lumber team, and did farming in Amesbury. Civil War soldier, church members, no children.

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