The Cressy Family

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Warren G.7 Cressey (William P.6, Edward W.5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born 1836 in Bradford, New Hampshire, married:
(1) 1857 Clementine Seavey
(2) 1872 Isabelle Root
He took to railroading early in life and followed it until he was killed by falling under his engine at Portland, Oregon, in 1905, at 69. About 1854 he began as brakeman on the Concord and Claremont Railroad in New Hampshire, was promoted to conductor. In 1868 he went to Illinois on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad for several years, and then went to California on the Southern Pacific Railroad and finally at Independence, Oregon, working for the same road until his death by accident in 1905.

Children of Clementine and Warren Cressey:
1006 I.

Emma L.8 (Cressey) Choate born 1859 in Concord, New Hampshire, married in 1879 Frank E. Choate, Concord, New Hampshire.

Children of Isabelle and Warren Cressey:
1007 II.

Stella A.8 (Cressey) Davis born 1873 in Oregon, married Wesley Davis of Oregon.

1008 III.

Mabel L.8 (Cressey) Corser born 1878 in Oregon, married Charles W. Corser of Oregon.

1009 IV.

Frank E.8 Cressey born 1881 in Oregon, died in December 1881.

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