The Cressy Family

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Frank P.7 Cressey (William P.6, Edward W.5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born 1840 in Bradford, New Hampshire, married 1862 Annette W. Ring of Bradford, New Hampshire. She was a talented writer.
He attended Bradford and Colby Academy, served as Railroad mail clerk and as clerk of Treasury Department, Washington, D.C., for eight years; later was traveling salesman, and in 1898 bought out the business of "Wholesale Dealers in Flour, Grain and Feed" under the name of Cressey & Company, Concord, New Hampshire. He has served as Alderman and Representative, member Boston Chamber of Commerce. He was a Unitarian in religion, but helped to support the Baptist Church at Bradford, New Hampshire. His wife died in 1916 at 75. He died 1926 at 86.

1010 I.

Will M.8 Cressey born 1863 in Bradford, New Hampshire, married 1890 Blanche Dayne of Troy, New York. He began a stage career in 1889, got to be a veteran vaudeville headliner and playwright. Has written over 200 one- and three-act plays, which are being played in the United States and Europe. He and his wife as "Cressey and Dayne" followed Keith's circuit for several years. During World War I they were entertainers in France. They were both truly the doughboys' friends. He was gassed while in France and wore the wounded stripe. He died at his home in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1930, at 67; was buried with full military honors, and the American Legion burial service was used at the funeral on the lawn, and later the body was cremated. A guard from the Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, was on duty at the casket until the funeral. He was an honorary member, no children.

1011 II.

Harry R.8 Cressey born 1869 in Washington D.C., married Vinnie Boutwell of Concord, New Hampshire. He was salesman for Cressey & Company and member of firm; died in 1926 at 57.

1012 III.

May F.8 Cressey born 1872 in Washington D.C., unmarried, bookkeeper for Cressey & Company, and member of firm; died in 1916 at 44.

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