The Cressy Family

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Calvin Joy7 Cressey (Curtis R.6, Samuel5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Mighill1)
Born April 6, 1830 in Conway, New Hampshire.
    (1) 1854 Lydia A. Cram of Brownfield, Maine, school teacher, died Oakland, California 1877, age 45
    (2) Georgia B. Heath of Manchester, New Hampshire.
He left home when 19 and went to Houlton, Maine, then to Georgia, where he worked on a cotton plantation for five years with his uncle. In 1859 he went to California and engaged in wheat raising with his brother, Albert L. Cressey, doing business under the name of Cressey Brothers. It was estimated that they owned about 35,000 acres of wheat land. They rented their land to other parties for several years. Calvin J. took a great interest in the Grange and traveled a great deal and lectured for the cause. He was president of the Grange Bank in San Francisco, California. It was said they were very wealthy. He died 1891 in 61st year.

Children of Lydia and Calvin Cressey:
1073 I.

Frank Albert8 Cressey born 1856, in Conway, New Hampshire.
Married 1880 Emily V. Collins of Liverpool, England, in San Francisco, California.
In 1935 he was president of the Modesto Bank, California. His wife speaks French and German and taught them.

Children of Emily and Frank Cressey:
1074 I.

Emily9 Cressey.

1075 II.

Calvin J.9 Cressey

1076 III.

Frank A.9 Cressey

1077 IV.

Hazel P.9 Cressey

1078 V.

Josephine9 Cressey

1079 II.

Ella M.8 Cressey born in 1859, Eaton, New Hampshire, died Brownfield, 1859.

1080 III.

Charles8 born 1864, Stockton, California, died 1865.

1081 IV.

Cora C.8 (Cressey) Crowe born in 1867, Modesto, California, married a Mr. Crowe. She graduated Mills College, California in 1885. Speaks French, German, Spanish.

1082 V.

William8 Cressey born 1873, Modesto, California.

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