The Cressy Family

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Albert Lyman7 Cressey (Curtis R.6, Samuel5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Mighill1)
Born January 27, 1838 in Conway, New Hampshire.
Married 1868 Sylvia H. Swan of Denmark, Maine.
He went to California in 1859 with his brother, Calvin Joy, and engaged in wheat raising under the name of Cressey Brothers. They rented about 35,000 acres of wheat land to other parties for several years. It was said they were very wealthy. He lived in Modesto, California.

Children of Sylvia and Albert L. Cressey:
1083 I.

Charles8 Cressey born 1869 in Modesto, California, died 1876, Modesto.

1084 II.

Nellie S.8 Cressey born 1871 in Modesto, California.

1085 III.

Alberta S.8 Cressey born 1877 in Modesto, California.

1086 IV.

George A.8 Cressey born 1879 in Modesto, California.

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