The Cressy Family

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Noah8 Cressey (Daniel7, John M.6, John W.5, John4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born March 17, 1846 in Buxton, Maine, married:
(1) 1872 Annie S. Wyman, daughter of Joseph Wyman of Sanford, Maine, a Civil War soldier. She died 1879 in 25th year.
(2) 1880 Clara V. Ellis, daughter of Eben Ellis, Alton, New Hampshire.
He worked on the Railroad, with S. D. Warren Company paper mill, Westbrook, Maine, and a farmer. Lived in Sanford and Gorham, Maine, and in 1890 returned to Buxton, Maine on the old farm.
She died 1925 in 66th year.
He died 1929 in 84th year.

Children of Annie and Noah Cressey:
1114 I.

Infant son9 born 1873 in Sanford, Maine.

1115 II.

George F.9 Cressey born March 27, 1875, in Sanford, Maine.
Married Mabelle L. Monk.

1116 III.

Ellsworth N.9 Cressey born July 11, 1877, in Sanford, Maine.
    (1) 1897 Nora McAuliff, Rochester, New Hampshire
    (2) 1902 Lida McKay, Lynn, Massachusetts.
Children of Nora and Ellsworth N. Cressey:
1117 I.

Marion10 Cressey born 1898, died 1902.

1118 II.

Harold10 Cressey born 1899.

1119 IV.

Infant son9 born 1879 in Sanford, Maine.

Children of Clara and Noah Cressey:
1120 V.

Annie M.9 (Cressey) Berry born July 11, 1882, in Sanford, Maine.
Married June 7, 1898, Freedom E. Berry, Buxton, Maine.

Children of Annie and Freedom E. Berry:

Roland F. Berry born January 19, 1899.
Married Ethel Reid, South Paris, 1929.

Children of Ethel and Roland F. Berry:

Jeanette F. Berry, born 1929


Roland F. Berry Jr. born 1930


Barbara A. Berry born 1931


Paul F. Berry born 1933


Frank G. Berry born 1934


Forest C. Berry born November 12, 1901.
Married in 1927 Zilpha A. Libby.

Children of Zilpha and Forest C. Berry:

Robert M. Berry born 1928


Priscilla Berry born 1930


Philip P. Berry born 1932


Ronald C. Berry born 1933


Ruth H. Berry born 1934


Ernest F. Berry, born December 12, 1903, unmarried.


Edward C. Berry born May 7, 1905.
Married June 25, 1930, Myrtle Shordon.

Children of Myrtle and Edward C. Berry:

Patricia I. Berry, born August 25, 1932


Donald E. Berry, born April 15, 1934.


Freeda M. (Berry) Huff born May 31, 1908.
Married Fred W. Huff, Jr., 1926.

Children of Freeda and Fred W. Huff, Jr.:

Richard F. Huff, born March 14, 1927


Audrey K. Huff, born January 24, 1932

1121 VI.

Albert E.9 Cressey born April 13, 1884.
Married in 1905 Nellie Burbank, Buxton, Maine.

1122 VII.

Daniel G.9 Cressey born August 6, 1886, in Gorham, Maine.
    (1) Elsie Jordon of Harrison, Maine
    (2) Ruth Emery of Buxton, Maine
    (3) Alice Clark of Sutton, Massachusetts
    (4) Thelma Quinn of Sutton, Maine

Children of Daniel G. Cressey:
1123 I.

Marion L.10 (Cressey) Clarkson born August 19, 1906 in Gorham, Maine.
Married William Clarkson of Sutton, Maine.

Children of Marion and William Clarkson:

Norton Clarkson

1124 II.

Daniel N.10 Cressey born July 20, 1912 in Buxton, Maine.
Married Jennie Lang.

Children of Jennie and Daniel N. Cressey:
1125 I.

Daniel M.11 Cressey born February, 1934 in Buxton, Maine.

1126 III.

Maurice C.10 Cressey born April 28, 1914 in Buxton, Maine.

1127 VIII.

Mary H.9 (Cressey) (Lamb) (Randall) Hancock born August 13, 1888, in Gorham, Maine.
    (1) in 1905 George Lamb
    (2) Grover Randall
    (3) William Hancock

Children of Mary and Grover Randall:

Annie (Randall) Harmon, born 1908.
Married in 1925 Earl Harmon

Children of Annie and Earl Harmon:

Marilyn B. Harmon, born February 28, 1926


Harold E. Harmon, born March 21, 1929


Ellen I. Harmon, born February 26, 1931

1128 IX.

Elizabeth E.9 (Cressey) Rankin born March 28, 1890, in Buxton, Maine.
Married 1905 Samuel E. Rankin.

Children of Elizabeth and Samuel E. Rankin:

Bessie A. (Rankin) Merrill born 1908 in Buxton, Maine.
Married in 1926 Justin S. Merrill.

Children of Bessie and Justin S. Merrill:

Marjorie I. Merrill, born 1928


Roger R. Merrill, born 1932


Verena B. Merrill, born 1934


Eleanor A. (Rankin) Townsend born 1914 in Buxton, Maine.
Married in 1932 Adelbert O. Townsend.

Children of Eleanor and Adelbert O. Townsend:

Glennis A. Townsend, born 1933.


Gracie I. Rankin born 1917 in Buxton, Maine..


Eugene R. Rankin born 1919 in Buxton, Maine.


Avis C. Rankin born 1925 in Buxton, Maine.

1129 X.

Lenora Josie9 (Cressey) Landry born February 18, 1892 in Buxton, Maine.
Married 1912 Ernest J. Landry of Westbrook, Maine.

1130 XI.

Gerald E.9 Cressey born January 23, 1894 in Buxton, Maine.
Married 1919 Ida M. Earl.
Farmer, World War I veteran and storekeeper, Waterboro, Maine.

Children of Ida and Gerald E. Cressey:
1131 I.

Charles Earl10 Cressey born September 26, 1928.

1132 II.

Gerald E.10 Cressey Jr. born June 27, 1931.

1133 XII.

Frederick A.9 Cressey born May 5, 1896 in Buxton, Maine.
Married 1922 Hazel A. Hough.
Soldier World War I. Lives in Grafton, clerk Millbury P.O.

Children of Hazel and Frederick A. Cressey:
1134 I.

Warren A.10 Cressey born December 24, 1923 in Sutton, Massachusetts.

1135 II.

Alice Arlene10 Cressey born March 13, 1925 in Sutton, Massachusetts.

1136 III.

William E.10 Cressey born February 9, 1927 in Sutton, Massachusetts.

1137 XIII.

Marjorie L.9 (Cressey) Lowell born August 12, 1900 in Buxton, Maine.
Married Arthur S. Lowell.

Children of Marjorie and Arthur S. Lowell:

Arthur S. Lowell Jr., born January 3, 1928, in Rome, New York.

1138 XIV.

Norman C.9 Cressey born January 24, 1902 in Buxton, Maine, unmarried.

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