The Cressy Family

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Frank Willis8 Cressey (Elijah O.7, John M.6, John W.5, John4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born June 30, 1857 in Buxton, Maine.
Married June 25, 1881 Jennie M. Berry daughter of William and Eliza Berry. Her father and brother were soldiers in Civil War.
Mr. Cressey was educated in Buxton and Gorham, Maine Seminary. For 25 years he worked in a coat shop. In 1900 he moved to Biddeford, Mane, where he worked 15 years for the Saco-Lowell Company as a machinist. He was interested in music and attended many singing schools with the late Professor E.J.C. Owen, who has taught over 100 terms of vocal music. Was a good baseball player. Naturally of a quiet, homelike nature, his chief delight was at his own fireside with those he loved. Was a member of the mill relief. He died suddenly on the way to his work, February 14, 1916, in 59th year. The flag on the Saco-Lowell building was at half staff out of respect to his memory. Attended the Universalist Church.

Children of Jennie and Frank Willis Cressey:
1139 I.

Arthur E.9 Cressey born October 9, 1882, in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.
Married March 4, 1907, Helena M. Guilbault, Biddeford, Maine.
Educated in public schools of Buxton, Maine. He has been employed by the Saco-Lowell Company for more than 30 years.

Children of Helena and Arthur E. Cressey:
1140 I.

Mildred E.10 (Cressey) White born October 9, 1882, in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.
Married September 6, 1931, Emery E. White, Portland, Maine, salesman James Bailey Company.

Children of Mildred and Emery E. White:

Alan Cressey White, born October 30, 1932.

1141 II.

Doris M.10 Cressey born March 13, 1910, in Saco, Maine.

1142 III.

Mahlon W.10 Cressey born April 8, 1914, Biddeford, Maine.

1143 IV.

Frank W.10 Cressey born January 3, 1917, died March 6, 1920.

1144 V.

Eleanor R.10 Cressey born August 19, 1921.

1145 II.

Evelyn E.9 (Cressey) Wheeler born December 5, 1884, Buxton, Maine.
Married January 8, 1929, William A. Wheeler, Portland, general representative for Boston & Maine and Maine Central Railroad.
She graduated Biddeford High School, worked in office Maine Central Railroad, Portland, Maine.

1146 III.

Bertha L.9 (Cressey) Twombley born January 31, 1887, Buxton, Maine.
Married August 10, 1912, Clyde H. Twombley, Biddeford, Maine, Conductor Boston Elevated Railroad.

Children of Bertha and Clyde H. Twombley:

Dorothy F. Twombley born November 26, 1913, Biddeford, Maine.

1147 IV.

Cleveland B.9 Cressey born November 8, 1892, Gorham, Maine.
Married September 7, 1914, Clara I. La Fountaine, Biddeford, Maine.
Was educated in public schools and business college, stenographer and office manager. Worked in office Maine Central Railroad and in Boston. Talented tenor singer. Was born on the day of President Cleveland's second election and was named Cleveland.

Children of Clara and Cleveland B. Cressey:
1148 I.

Marjorie T.10 Cressey born January 25, 1918, Portland, Maine.

1149 V.

William E.9 Cressey born November 20, 1894, in Gorham, Maine.
Married May 27, 1918, Helen H. Hirst in Biddeford, Maine.
Educated in public schools of Biddeford. Worked in office Maine Central Railroad, general auditor St. Johnsbury-Lake Champlain Railroad, Montpelier, Vermont. Soldier in World War I.

1150 VI.

Ardella M.9 (Cressey) Fletcher born October 20, 1897 in Gorham, Maine.
Married June 8, 1918, Lewis S. Fletcher in Saco, Maine. Lewis was a stone cutter and machinist.

Children of Ardella and Lewis S. Fletcher:

Marilyn C. Fletcher born June 9, 1920 in Saco, Maine.


Thelma M. Fletcher born January 7, 1922 in Saco, Maine.


Russell A. Fletcher born June 6, 1924 in Saco, Maine.


Roger L. Fletcher born April 11, 1926 in Saco, Maine. Died March 26, 1933.


Donald C. Fletcher born February 14, 1928 in Saco, Maine.


Earline M. Fletcher born December 12, 1930 in Saco, Maine.


Richard E. Fletcher born September 5, 1932 in Saco, Maine.

1151 VII

Roger Frank9 Cressey born September 3, 1902, Biddeford, Maine.
Married June 28, 1929, Evelyn F. English, Nashua, New Hampshire.
Educated in public schools, Biddeford, and business college, Portland, Maine. Worked in office Brown Company, Portland, Maine, accountant with Standard Oil Company, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Children of Evelyn and Roger Frank Cressey:
? I.

Roger Frank10 Cressey Jr. born June 9, 1930, Stoughton, Massachusetts.

? II.

John Robert10 Cressey born April 2, 1934, Lowell, Massachusetts.

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