The Cressy Family

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Edgar Dean8 Cressey (Benjamin7, Rev. Edwin6, Benjamin5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born June 1, 1867, Collinsville, Illinois.
 (1) May 17, 1892, Jessie F. Ewell, born 1872, died in 1930
 (2) November 24, 1934, Florence (Barton) Gruber of Chicago.
He attended Grade and High School at Collinsville; in business with Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., Wholesale Hardware, Chicago; In 1935 he was living at 8050 Ingleside Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Children of Jessie and Edgar Dean Cressey:
1167 I.

Edna Lucile9 (Cressey) (Barber) McChesney born April 11, 1895 in Divernon, Illinois
 (1) September 23, 1920, Park Barber, Divorced 1932.
 (2) December 29, 1934, Earl McChesney, Chicago.
She attended High School and Business College, Springfield.

Children of Edna and Park Barber:

Patricia Lucile Barber, born January 13, 1922 in Chicago.


Richard Dean Barber, born November 11, 1924 in Chicago.

1168 II.

Hubert Dean9 Cressey born February 20, 1897 in Springfield, Illinois.
Attended High School at Springfield and University of Illinois. Mechanical engineer, In 1935 he lived in Chicago.

1169 III.

Ralph Ewell9 Cressey born September 22, 1902 in Springfield, Illinois.
Attended High School at Springfield and Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois; teaching High School at Springfield. In 1935 lived at Downers Grove, Illinois.

1170 IV.

Frances Elizabeth9 (Cressey) Hubbard born April 28, 1905 in Springfield, Illinois.
Married November 21, 1931, Paul W. Hubbard. She attended High School, Springfield, and Library Course, University of Chicago. In 1935 they lived in Brooklyn, New York.

Children of Frances Elizabeth and Paul W. Hubbard:

Margot Hubbard, born June 30, 1933, Chicago.

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