The Cressy Family

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Benjamin Clarkson7 Cressey (Rev. Edwin6, Benjamin5, Daniel4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born July 17, 1839 in Vassalboro, Maine, or in Sangerville, Maine.

There is a discrepency in the records of 304 Rev. Edwin Wrifford6, the father of Benjamin, and the current record concerning the birthplace.

Married January 1, 1863, Celestia A. Willoughby in Collinsville, Illinois.
He moved to Minnesota with his father in 1852, attended Shurtleff College, Alton, Illinois, and became a school teacher and music teacher. He was an Indian Scout in "Roscoe's Mounted Militia" when the town of Hutchinson, Minnesota was destroyed by the Indians. He was active in church work, died September 23, 1907, at 68, widow died May 17, 1934 at 90 years, 4 months. They are buried within 500 feet of the Lincoln Monument in Springfield, Illinois.

985 I.

Rev. Roger Fred8 Cressey born January 25, 1866, Collinsville, Illinois, married Emma Goalby.

986 II.

Edgar Dean8 Cressey born June 1, 1867, Collinsville, Illinois, married:
(1) Jessie F. Ewell
(2) Florence (Barton) Gruber

987 III.

Wilbur G.8 Cressey born September 10, 1873, married in 1897 Carrie Mills, in Springfield, Illinois.

988 IV.

Odell M.8 (Cressey) McCord born May 13, 1877, married Calvin G. McCord. She died in 1915.

989 V.

Bertha E.8 Cressey born June 4, 1882, unmarried, teacher in Springfield, Illinois.

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