The Cressy Family

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Myron G. P.8 Cressey (George W. W.7, Greely M.6, Cyrus5, Richard4, Daniel3, John2, Mighill1)
Born March 17, 1877 in Bradford, New Hampshire.
Married in 1902 Helen B. Putnam of Contoocook, New Hampshire.
He was educated in the public schools of Boston, Massachusetts, and High School at Warner, New Hampshire, while living with his grandfather, Deacon Greeley M. Cressey, at Bradford, New Hampshire. In 1896 he went to Boston and worked for his uncle, Myron D. Cressey and Company, in the fruit teaming business as bookkeeper at 111 S. Market Street, Boston. He lived in Somerville, Massachusetts where his children were born:

Children of Helen and Myron Cressey:
1029 I.

Marah P.9 Cressey born February 9, 1906 in Somerville, Massachusetts.

1030 II.

Helen W.9 Cressey born February 16, 1910 in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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