The Cressy Family

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John5 Wadleigh Cressey (John,4 Daniel,3 John,2 Mighill1) was b. in Gorham, Maine, February 22, 1749, m. December 1, 1770 Susanna McDonald of Gorham, b. in 1751. He was probably b. in the Fort on Fort Hill on account of the Indians. He bought a farm on Codman's Hill, where his father first settled. After a time he sold this piece and was paid in Continental money, which proved to be worthless. About 1776 he moved to the adjoining town of Buxton, bought a farm of 60 acres called the ``Right'' of Cornelius Davis of Newbury and Rowley on range of lots known by the letter G, No. 5. Mr. Davis was a soldier in the Narragansett War in 1675. Buxton was a land grant by the General Court of Mass. to the soldiers of that war, being No. 1 of the 7 ``Narragansett Plantations.'' About 1786 Mr. Cressey built a large two-story which stood until 1934, 150 years, having been occupied by five generations. Records give but 13 two-story houses in Buxton in 1798. He kept a good stock of cattle, sheep, swine and poultry. He and his wife raised and made nearly everything needed for the family in food and clothing by using the flaxwheel, spinning wheel, and the hand loom. He served as collector of taxes in Buxton in 1795. His wife d. in 1834 at 83, a member of Rev. Paul Coffin's Church. He d. in 1842 in 94th year, an early settler and ``truly a worthy, honest man.'' They were buried in Groveville Cemetery, Buxton, Maine. He left a good property and many descendants.

Children, first 2 b. Gorham, 8 b. Buxton:

279 I.

Daniel,6 b. September 4, 1772, m. (1) Eliza Harding, (2) Hannah Harding.

280 II.

Elizabeth, b. January 31, 1776, m. by Rev. Paul Coffin in 1797 Edmund Watson of Gorham, farmer. She d. in 1838 at 62. He d. at 1847 at 76. Ch.: (1) Susanna, b. 1799, unm., (2) Mary, b. 1801, m. 1840 Daniel Kimball, (3) John, b. 1803, m. in 1840 Martha Edwards. Ch.: 1 Mary, b. 1842, m. 1870 Daniel W. Davis, soldier 1862, 2 Oliver, b. 1844, m. 1867 Kate Lewis. Ch.: (Mildred, Mary, John, m. Anna Files, Frank, Catherine), 3 Cornelia, b. 1847, m. 1873 F. Augustus Files. Ch.: (Lottie, Dr. Ernest W. Files, Barbara, Ralph), (4) Naaman, b. 1804, m. 1833 Ann Hopkinson, (5) Tabitha, (6) George, b. 1812, m. 1843 Mary Clark. Ch.: Charles E., m. Sarah J. Rowe. Ch.: (Mary, m. Walter Dolley, George, Helen, m. James Clay). Ch.: (George, Mina, Ida, Evelyn), (7) Elizabeth, b. 1816, unm.

281 III.

Hannah,6 b. 1778, m. 1798 by Rev. Paul Coffin, William Paine, Jr., Gorham. He was a farmer, soldier, 1812 War, both members First Parish Church. She d. in 1846 at 68. He d. in 1852 at 82. Ch.: (1) Eliza Paine, b. 1800, m. (1) Simon Harding, Buxton, 1821; was drowned at Stroudwater in 1825. She m. (2) in 1827 Stephen A. Patrick, Buxton, farmer and soldier, 1812 War. Harding ch.: (1) William, b. 1822 unm., soldier, Civil War, d. in army, (2) Samuel, b. 1824, m. 1846 Joanna Brown. He d. in 1899. Ch.: (1) Edwin S. Harding, soldier, 1862, m. Mary A. Lombard. Ch.: (Sadie, William), (2) Charles B. Harding, m. Lucy Bacon. Patrick ch.: (1) George A., b. 1829, m. Mary Purinton. Ch.: Belle, Lillian, Herbert, (2) Frances, b. 1830, (3) Ellen E., b. 1831, m. Elisha Douglass, (4) Hannah, b. 1832, m. Lewis Douglass. Ch.: (1) Emma E., b. 1858, m. Dr. A. W. Lincoln, (2) Clara E., b. 1862, m. (1) Fred O. Sturgis, (2) J. S. Leavitt, Jr. Ch.: David Sturgis, (3) Ada, b. 1866, m. George Alden. Ch.: Lewis L., (4) Mary, b. 1872, m. Harry Mosher. Ch.: Edith, Mildred, m. Robie Whitney, (5) Stephen Patrick, Jr., (6) Emily, b. 1835, m. (1) George Brooks, (2) J. S. Leavitt, Sr., (7) Mary, b. 1836, m. Richard Dunlap, (8) Edward, b. 1838, (9) Charles, b. 1839, m. Lizzie E. Cotton, (10) Albert E., b. 1841, m. (1) Lottie Whitney, (2) Myra Davis. Ch.: Lubella B. Patrick. (2) James Paine, b. 1803, m. (1) Mary Frost, (2) Belinda McLellen. (3) Charles Paine, b. 1806, m. Hannah Lowell, selectman, rep. Ch.: Abbie, b. 1840, Charles H., b. 1842, soldier Civil War, town clerk, Maria, b. 1844, m. Stephen Hinkley, Jr., tannery, town treasurer, church clerk, Rep., director of bank. Ch.: Mary C., unm., Robert L., m. Bessie Bradbury. (4) Hannah, b. 1846, m. Rev. Leonard Z. Ferris, 1895. She d. 1924. (5) Fred L., b. 1848. (6) Ella S., b. 1850. (7) William, b. 1852, m. Alice Holden.

282 IV.

Sarah,6 b. April 22, 1780, bapt. by Rev. Paul Coffin, d. in 1795.

283 V.

Miriam, b. December 1, 1782, bapt. 1785, m. 1803 by Rev. Paul Coffin, Captain Samuel Watts of Buxton, farmer, deputy sheriff, storekeeper, Captain State Militia (The Buxton and Hollis Light Infantry), organized 1808. He d. in 1840. She d. in 1847. Ch.: (1) Mary Watts, b. 1805, m. Captain Samuel Clay, Buxton. She d. 1866. He d. 1874. (2) Charles Watts, b. 1807, m. Ann Libby, farmer, Colonel State Militia. Ch.: 1 Charles H., b. 1835, m. Julia Record. Ch.: (Alice, Sumner, Lucy), 2 Melville C., b. 1837, d. 1842, 3 Cyrus D., b. 1839, d. 1900, 4 Samuel, b. 1841, d. 1869, 5 Maria, b. 1843, 6 Melville C., b. 1845, 7 Marilla, b. 1847, m. (1) James H. Flood, (2) Bradford Higgins. Ch.: (Algie Flood), 8 Peter, b. 1850, 9 Sadie E., b. 1853, d. 1883. (3) Sarah D. Watts, b. 1808, m. 1832 Thomas J. Hasty, storekeeper, collector, postmaster, West Gorham. He d. 1873. She d. 1883. He was soldier, 1861-65. Ch.: 1 Edward Hasty, b. 1833, m. Lizzie Copp. He d. 1916. 2 Thomas J. Hasty, Jr., m. Edith Lombard. 3 Harriet Hasty, m. Francis Files. Ch.: Fred, Anna. 4 William Hasty, sol., 1861, m. Lettie Varley, 5 Ellen Hasty, 6 Sarah Hasty, m. Frank Hoyt. Ch.: F. Edward Hoyt, m. Alice Day. Ch.: Ethelyn, m. James Moody, F. Edward, Jr., m. Catharine Scribner. (4) Samuel Watts, Jr., b. 1810, m. 1835 Sarah J. Libby. He hanged himself February 6, 1853. (5) Susanna Watts, b. 1812, d. 1815. (6) Eliza Watts, b. 1815. (7) Hannah Watts, b. 1818, m. 1844 Francis Files, Gorham. Ch.: 1 F. Augustus, b. 1846, m. Cornelia A. Watson, 1873. Ch.: Lottie, Dr. Ernest W., Barbara, Ralph, 2 Henry B., b. 1851, d. 1876, 3 Lewis L., b. 1856, m. 1878, Nellie J. Douglass. (8) Martha Watts, m. Stephen A. Patrick, Buxton. Ch.: 1 Oliver Patrick, b. 1849, m. -----, 2 Infant, b. 1851, 3 Sarah, b. 1853, m. Mr. Holden, 4 Lewis, b. 1855, m. Lizzie Clement, 5 Maria, b. 1858, 6 Harriet, b. 1861, m. (1) Gilbert Marston, (2) Charles Marston. Ch.: Martha, Florence, Burton, moved to Cody, Wyoming.

284 VI.

John6 McDonald, b. June 17, 1784, m. Hannah Owen.

285 VII.

Deborah, b. September 6, 1786, bapt. by Rev. Paul Coffin, 1787, m. by Mr. Coffin in 1805 Andrew Bradbury, b. 1778, son of Jacob Bradbury, Esq., of Buxton, who was the first Representative to the General Court of Mass. from Buxton, also a soldier in the Revolutionary War and a charter member of Rev. Paul Coffin's Church. Andrew and his family moved to Portland, where he was engaged in the cooperage business. He and his wife were members of Chestnut Street Methodist Church of Portland, Maine. She d. in 1837 at 51. He d. in 1852 in 74th year. Ch.: (1) Alden Bradbury, m. Caroline G. Fowler. (2) Susan Cressey Bradbury, m. James R. Milliken. (3) William Bradbury, m. Mary S. White. (4) Mary Ann Bradbury, m. James M. Mason. (5) Martha Bradbury, b. 1815, m. Tristram Jordon. (6) Charles Bradbury, b. 1818, m. Harriet F. Quimby.

286 VIII.

Benjamin,6 b. October 15, 1788, unm., storekeeper, cooper, privateer, 1812 War: captured and taken to Dartmoor Prison, England, d. in Buxton, April 15, 1865, in 77th year.

287 IX.

James, b. November 27, 1790, m. Hannah Hasty.

288 X.

Eunice, b. August 11, 1794, unm., ``In life respected, in death lamented.'' She d. May 23, 1849, in 55th year

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