Sermons 2000

When Trouble Strikes

There are times when things happen to a person or family that are really upsetting, or are an outright catastrophy. Why do these things happen and how can the Christian cope with these problems?

Basest of Men

Why does it seem that the rulers of the world are the most wicked?

In The Name of Jesus

We have the victory in Jesus' name

Official Deceptions

Official deceptions by the US

Stress and the Christian

The causes of stress and how the Christian can alleviate the stress.

Alpha and Omega

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last.

Happy Easter

The real meaning of Easter for the Christian family.

Who is the Antichrist and Satan?

We are living in an age where sin is becoming rampant. The Christian needs to know who the enemy is and what extent is his power.

The Increased Rise of Sastanism

The Satanists are no longer hiding their activities! Around the Philadelphia, PA five county area there have been reports in the news about Satanic sacrifices practiced in the open.

Jesus Our Only Hope

Jesus is ouur only hope in combatting the wicked influences surrounding us.

Jesus the Only Way

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6) He is the only way to salvation.

The Most Important Memorial

Building a memorial before God.

Why Do People so Readly Believe A Lie?

The Bible tells us that men would rather believe a lie rather than the truth.

The History of Syria

A Biblical history of Syria, while the world is wondering about the death of Hafez al-Assad.

Jesus, Our Leader

How the Christian is to follow their Lord and leader Jesus Christ.

Remembering Our Past

With the approching American Independance Day this is a time for the Christian to reflect upon where he came from.

American Independance Day

A study about the American Declaration of Independance document.

Presidential Election

The upcoming presidential election and the platforms that the candidates are running on.

Our Savior Jesus Christ

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Who Is Jesus Christ?

A Biblical view of who Jesus Christ really is.

Jesus and the Antichrist

A comparison between Jesus Christ and the Antichrist. Why the world and even many Christians will be deceived by the Antichrist.


How well do you know Jesus Christ, or even a close friend?

Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

Really getting to know Jesus Christ.

Trials, Tribulations, and Temptations

Christians go through trials tribulations and temptations every day. Where do these problems come from?

Now is the Time

If there was a better time to making your election and salvation sure, now is the time. We are living in a day and age where everything is done on the Internet, even the propagation of the gospel. There are many in the Christian community who believe that though they dabble in the pleasures of this world that they will eventually end up in heaven. According to the Bible this cannot be so.

The Church Then and Now

The Christian Church has wrestled with temptation and sin throughout the ages, even from the very beginning. A close reading of the epistles will show you that there were just as many problems in the church as there are today.

Latest on the Mark of the Beast

This past week I took a peak at which is a great source of the latest technology information on line. There was an interesting article by Katharine Mieszkowski titled, ``Put that silicon where the sun don't shine.'' The article is about development of an implanted chip that is powered by the body instead of requiring a battery. This new device will make it impossible to turn off once it is embedded in the body. Also, some of the major funding for this technology comes from the US government.

Rise In Wickedness

As we draw closer to the day of the Lord and the rapture of the church we are witnessing a tremendous rise in evil and wickedness. I received the following from my mother and I would like to thank the originator whoever that may be. If you are the author of the following piece please write to me so I can give you the credit you deserve.

Who Are The Angels?

In the Bible there are 92 references to the word `angels'. This sermon is an introduction to next weeks sermon and possibly the next several weeks. Who are the angels that are mentioned 92 times in the Bible? Are they celestial beings who are from another planet, star system, or even from another dimension? We know that there was a war in heaven where Satan convinced 1/3 of the stars in heaven to follow him. These are the ones that we call demons or devils. The remaining 2/3 of the population in heaven remained with God. This information we know, but what other information is available that we have that relates to angels?

The Extraterrestrials

Last week we discussed who are the angels and about the angels that visited Abraham and Lot. This week we will continue our discussion about the angels with a look at what Ezekiel saw and with the paranormal that is happening today.

The Beginning

The Bible starts out with in the beginning God... Before there was anything in this present universe; solar systems, galaxies, black holes, nebula, and many other things that we can see and observe there was God. Now God does not exist in the same dimension of space and time as we. God exists in a realm where there is no time. No space time continuum. In a realm where the end is known from the beginning. Whereas we live in a realm that is dictated by time. We only know what our past is and not our future. The realm that God lives in with the angels everyone knows the end from the beginning. This is a marvelous place that is called heaven. This is a place where there are no private thoughts, and everyone knows what the other is thinking before the thought even emerges. This is a place where there are no secrets and no ``white lies'' for when your thoughts are known, there is no space left for any lies.

The Alpha and Omega

Last week we discussed that God does not exist in a realm where time and space make a difference. As we discussed last week the Bible starts off with the phrase, ``In the beginning...'' we expounded on that and came to the conclusion that if the Bible started of with a phrase, ``In the end...'' it would also be correct. This week we will dwell on that God and Jesus truly are the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, the Alpha and Omega

The Choice

The Bible tells us of two trees that were planted in the midst of the Garden of Eden. The first tree was the Tree of Life and the second was the Tree of Knowledge. Adam and Eve had a choice of which tree to eat. They thought that they only had a choice between life and knowledge. They never thought or considered that the Lord didn't want to hide anything from them, but wanted to give them a choice.

Computers, The Internet, and The Future

Last week we discussed Tuesday's election for the president and other offices. Well, we still don't know who the future president will be. This week we will be talking about technology and what it means for us.

This Presidential Election

This past week I have received phone calls about the presidential election and have read many messages on mail servers about the same. The huge majority of the people talking about and commenting on the presidential election are saying either Al Gore is trying to ``steal'' the election, or George Bush doesn't want to have every vote counted. I feel that neither candidate is a fault for the current fiasco, but the lawyers, ``as known as liars,'' are the true ones creating the fiasco for their own well being. When the results of the elections finances come out you will see that the lawyers were the true winners in the election and the contest for Florida.

Being Thankful

As we close the Thanksgiving weekend there is still time for us to reflect what God has provided us with. He has given us His divine life so we may live. Besides that he has given us life and life more abundantly. Whereas the world has just celebrated Thanksgiving, many are unhappy with their life. You can hear them complain about everything that is wrong. The Christian on the other hand, has abundant life.

Jesus:   The Judge

A lot of us think of Jesus as our savior, but few even dare to think of Jesus as our judge. Jesus is not only going to judge the damned, but he is also going to judge the Christian who lives for eternity in heaven. If more Christians realized that the Lord Jesus is their judge there would not be as many that would be living the lives that they are living. They would be on fire for the Lord and praying for his divine guidance.

Birth of Christ

As Christmas approaches people begin to think about the birth of Jesus Christ and the manger scene that we are all familiar with. But is this the way that it really happened? Was Jesus born on the 25th of December 2000 years age? What year was Jesus born? These and other questions are important to contemplate in these trying times.

The Invited

When Christ was born in Bethlehem there were certain people invited to the event. It was not the rich and famous, but the lowly shepherds who were watching their flocks at night. In the economic social order these were the poor of the land who did not have any wealth. They were usually the hired hand watching their master's flock on the grave-yard shift.

New Years

This past year has had some predictions about it that just never happened.

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