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Starting in 2010 I only am putting the pdf file on the main listing. If you want to see the Open Office Presentation or use it for your church then use the odp files listed here. Open Office does not store the fonts that I like to use like pdf files do.

2010 Sermons

Date Title
Jan 3, 2010 [ODP] New Years 2010
[PDF] New Years 2010
Jan 17, 2010 [ODP] Today's False Prophets
[PDF] Today's False Prophets
Jan 24, 2010 [ODP] Is There Not A Cause
[PDF] Is There Not A Cause
Feb 7, 2010 [ODP] Celebrating Debauchery
[PDF] Celebrating Debauchery

2009 Sermons

[ODP] Christmas
[PDF] Christmas
[PDF] Preparing for Christmas
[ODP] Preparing for Christmas
[PDF] Remember History
[ODP] Remember History
[ODP] Forgotten Thanksgiving
[PDF] Forgotten Thanksgiving
[ODP] Thanksgiving
[PDF] Thanksgiving
[ODP] How Soon Will We Witness The Fulfillment of Prophecy?
[PDF] How Soon Will We Witness The Fulfillment of Prophecy?
[ODP] Arrogance of the Wicked
[PDF] Arrogance of the Wicked
[ODP] Elections and Deceptions
[PDF] Elections and Deceptions
[ODP] The Next Step
[PDF] The Next Step
[PDF] When the World Praises You
[PPT] When the World Praises You
[ODP] Integrity
[PDF] Integrity
[PPT] Prophecy, The Bible's Message for Today
[PDF] Prophecy "The Bible's Message for Today"
[PPT] Is This America's Future?
[PPT] Am I Ready
[PPT] World Despises Truth
[PPT] God Gave His Only Son For Us.
[PPT] Bad News
[PPT] Love Your Enemies
[PPT] Follow The Money
[PPT] End Time Babylon
[PPT] The Master's Touch
[PPT] Your Decision Either Heaven or Hell
[PPT] Rise of the Antichrist
[PPT] True Happiness
[PPT] True Love
[PPT] The Light at the End of the Tunnel
[PPT] The Reconstruction of Babylon
[PPT] Repent For the Day of the Lord is at Hand
[PPT] The Failure of Riches
[PDF] The Failure of Riches
[PPT] Americs: A Wicked Godless Society
[PDF] Americs: A Wicked Godless Society
[PPT] New Beginnings in Christ
[PDF] New Beginnings in Christ
2008 Sermons
[PPT] Merry Christmas
[PDF] Merry Christmas
[PDF] Coincidences
[PDF] Surprise Attacks
[PDF] Being Thankful
[PDF] Jesus is Lord
[PDF] Kingdoms of this World
[PDF] Acknowledgement of Sin
[PDF] Pentecostals Cursed
[PDF] Players in the Last days
[PDF] The Lord's Return
[PDF] Kings of the East
[PDF] True Freedom
[PDF] Independance Day
[PDF] The Beginning and the End
[PDF] Building Memorials
[PDF] Jesus is Lord
[PDF] Philadelphia: The Modern Sodom and Gomorrah
[PDF] Our Deliverer & Savior
[PPT] Our Deliverer & Savior
[PDF] Passover
[PPT] Passover
[PDF] Jesus Christ Lord and Savior
[PPT] Jesus Christ Lord and Savior
[PPT] The Day of the Lord
[PDF] Jesus Christ Our Savior
[PPT] Happy Easter
[PDF] Significance of Palm Sunday
[PDF] The False Antichrists
[PDF] Rising to Meet the Lord in the Air
[PDF] The Value of a Dollar
[PDF] Can an Election Change God's Plan?
[PDF] Freedom & Security
[PDF] America's Love of Sin

2007 Sermons
[PDF] A New Year
[PDF] Celebrating Christ's Birth
[PDF] Jesus, The Center of our Life
[PDF] Islamic Justice
[PDF] Solomon's Ecclesiastes
[PDF] Pilgrims and Thanksgiving
[PDF] Veterans Day
[PDF] The Messages You Receive
[PDF] Trusting in Jesus Christ
[PDF] Electing Our Representatives
[PDF] Methods of Salvation
[PDF] The Grace and Wrath of God
[PDF] Consequences of Iraq Pullout
[PDF] Iran Takes Over Iraq
[PDF] Christians Sliding into the Pit
[PDF] Acknowledging Your Sin
[PDF] The End Time
[PDF] The End Time Babylon 3
[PDF] The End Time Babylon 2
[PDF] The End Time Babylon
[PDF] The Armor of Jesus
[PDF] Freedom and Independence
[PDF] This Wicked World
[PDF] Our Only Protection
[PDF] The Day of the Lord
[PDF] Being Prepared
[PDF] Building Memorials
[PDF] Jesus the Only Way
[PDF] Deceivers
[PDF] Prophecy
[PDF] Selling a life of Sin
[PDF] Easter and the Resurrection
[PDF] The Coming War
[PDF] Jesus Christ Is the World's Only Hope
[PDF] Friends with the World
[PDF] The Kings of the East
[PDF] Where Is The World Going?
[PDF] Jesus the Only Way
[PDF] The Way, The Truth, and The Life
[PDF] There Is No Other Name
[PDF] Jesus the I Am 2
[PDF] Jesus the I Am

2006 Sermons
[PDF] A New Beginning
[PDF] Comparing Iran and Nazi Germany
[PDF] How Soon Is the Day of the Lord?
[PDF] Revelation and the Resurrection of Persia
[PDF] When Our Enemies Declare Victory
[PDF] Satan's Increasing Power
[PDF] The Kings of the East
[PDF] Jesus Christ - The Only Way
[PDF] And the Whole World Lieth in Wickedness
[PDF] Iran The Key
[PDF] Time to Wake Up
[PDF] Nothing Without Jesus Christ
[PDF] The Coming War
[PDF] Only One Way
[PDF] Perilous Times
[PDF] Those Who Curse Israel
[PDF] The God of the Old and New Testament
[PDF] Kings of the East
[PDF] Preparation by the Lord
[PDF] There Is Only One God
[PDF] Sodom & Gomorrah
[PDF] Wicked Ministers
[PDF] Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards
[PDF] The Meaning of Pentecost
[PDF] The Beatitudes 4
[PDF] Easter
[PDF] The Beatitudes 3
[PDF] The Beatitudes 2
[PDF] The Beatitudes 1
[PDF] The Increasing Wickedness
[PDF] The World Today
[PDF] Jesus Our Only Way
[PDF] The Difference Between Should and Shall
[PDF] Kings of the East
[PDF] Armageddon
[PDF] Hope
[PDF] Grace Abound
[PDF] Boasting Great Things
[PDF] A New Year in Jesus Christ

2005 Sermons
[PDF] Christmas Season
[PDF] Listening to Satan
[PDF] The Meaning of Holidays
[PDF] Failure to Learn
[PDF] A Global War
[PDF] Silence of the Press
[PDF] Iran's President Calls for Israel's Destruction
[PDF] Jerusalem
[PDF] Israel Attacked by Palestinian Rockets
[PDF] Rethinking the Destruction of Babylon
[PDF] A Thief in the Night
[PDF] Tragedy
[PDF] God's Gifts
[PDF] Politicians: Enemies of God
[PDF] Christian's Answer
[PDF] Perilous Times III
[PDF] Perilous Times II
[PDF] Perilous Times
[PDF] The Hottest Unimportant News
[PDF] Choices
[PDF] Freedom and Independence
[PDF] Knowing our Father
[PDF] Honoring Our Father
[PDF] A Way That Seemeth Right
[PDF] The Strength Within
[PDF] Deceptions
[PDF] Building Memorials
[PDF] Doctor's & Lawyer's Lies
[PDF] Deliverance Day
[PDF] Christian Propaganda
[PDF] The Day of the Lord
[PDF] Searching for Jesus
[PDF] A Thief in the Night
[PDF] Following Jesus' Teaching
[PDF] Easter: The Rising to Newness of Life
[PDF] The Growth of Wickedness
[PDF] Pharisees and Lawyers
[PDF] Angels of the Lord
[PDF] Jesus; Lord of All
[PDF] The Lord Knows All
[PDF] In Everything Give Thanks
[PDF] Super Bowl Sunday
[PDF] James, A Follower of Jesus
[PDF] Seven Candlesticks
[PDF] The Power of Prayer
[PDF] Prospects for the New Year

2004 Sermons
[PDF] Knowing who is the Lord
[PDF] Knowledge of the Child Jesus
[PDF] Who is the Enemy?
[PDF] Giving Thanks
[PDF] These Modern Times
[PDF] Twisting the Scripture
[PDF] Do You Have Time for God?
[PDF] Happy Halloween
[PDF] What is the World Coming To?
[PDF] Presidential Elections
[PPS] Centre of the Bible
[PDF] Independence Day
[PDF] The Consequences of Sin
[PDF] Why Do The Wicked Prosper?
[PDF] The Judgment
[PDF] Jesus is the Way
[PDF] Believing in Jesus
[PDF] Fear
[PDF] What is a Christian to Do?
[PDF] Religious Leaders and the Lay
[PDF] Easter 2004
[PDF] The Last Supper #3
[PDF] The Last Supper #2
[PDF] The Last Supper
[PDF] Security and the Christian
[PDF] When All Else Fails
[PDF] What Is Important
[PDF] The End Time Revival
[PDF] How Close are we to Armageddon?
[PDF] The Center Of God's Will
[PDF] The Seven Seals
[PDF] Who is Worthy?
[PDF] What Is Your Image of Jesus Christ?
[PDF] Walking in the Spirit
[PDF] Seeking the Lord
[PDF] Dealing With the Truth
[PDF] Choices and National Security
[PDF] Be Prepared
[PDF] Remembering the Past
[PDF] Who is the Rock?
[PDF] Salvation by Grace
[PDF] The Upcoming Election
[PDF] Love of the Saints
[PDF] Remembering 9/11
[PDF] The Enemies of God
[PDF] Seeking for the Real Bread
[PDF] Jesus: The Source of Life
[PDF] Trials & Tribulations

1997 Sermons
The Christian's Inheritance
Growing in Grace
The Coming Age of Encroachment
The Day of Atonement
Jesus, The Ultimate Sacrifice
The Signs of the Times
The Day of Salvation
World Preparation for the Antichrist
Our Inheritance Stolen by the Wolves
Whose Side is God On?
The Tragedy of Loving the World
Contaminated by the World
Christmas 97
[DOC] Shaken

1998 Sermons
The Meaning of Easter
The Meaning of Pentecost
The Forgiveness of Jesus
Palm Sunday
That They Might Have It More Abundantly
All Mail Via the Internet
The Image of the Beast
Are You Ready?
The Mark of the Beast
The Christian Strength
The Prophet
The New Millennium
You Must Be Born Again
Humbleness and the Christian
Ariel: The Lion of God
The Signs of the Times
Coming Through the Fire
The Ways of the Lord
Look Around You
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
Revelation: The Coming Destruction
The Fight for American Independence
Those Who will make it to Heaven
Judgement and Deception
These Evil Days
Today's Strong Delusion
The Coming Destruction
A Thief in the Night
Are You Ready?
The Boasts of the Proud
Women in the Bible
Adam and Eve, A Love Story
Memorial Building
The Wickedness Permeating Society
When the Wicked Rule
The Origins of Halloween
Forcing Israel to our Will
The Coming Millennium
Thanks Giving
The Joy of the Redeemed
Preaching Against Sin
The Number of a Man
False Prophets
Increasing Knowledge
The Suppression of Freedom
The Lord Is Good
Jesus, The King of Kings
The Day of the Lord Is At Hand

1999 Sermons
666, The Number of the beast
Repentance and Remission
War and the Antichrist
Repentance and the Christian
Outward Appearances
Jesus; The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever
The Coming Age
Everything was Good Until...
Jesus and the Lawyers
Palm Sunday
Easter Sunday
The Coming War
The Day of the Lord
The Dawn of a New Age
Don't Let Go
Honoring Your Parents
A World of Troubles
Jesus, The Way
Building Memorials
The Daughter of Babylon
Theories and Facts
Responsibility and Freedom
Independence and Freedom
Are You Ready for the Coming of the Lord?
These Turbulent Times
A Friend of God
Attempting To Guess Who Is The Antichrist
A 100 Year Drought
Hate Rearing Its Ugly Head
Against All Odds

2000 Sermons
When Trouble Strikes
Basest of Men
In the Name of Jesus
Official Deceptions
Stress and the Christian
The Alpha and Omega
Happy Easter
Who is the Antichrist and Satan
The Increased Rise of Satanism
Jesus, Our Only Hope
Jesus, The Only Way
The Most Important Memorial
Why Do People So Readily Believe A Lie?
The History of Syria
Jesus,Our Leader
Remembering Our Past
American Independence Day
The Presidential Election
Our Savior Jesus Christ
Who Is Jesus Christ
Jesus and the Antichrist
Knowledge of the Lord
Trials, Tribulation, and Temptation
Now is the Time
The Church Then And Now
Latest on the Mark of the Beast
The Rise in Wickedness
Who Are The Angels?
The Extraterrestrials
The Beginning
The Alpha and Omega
The Choice
Computers, The Internet, and The Future
This Presidential Election
Being Thankful
Jesus: The Judge
The Birth of Christ
The Invited
New Years

2001 Sermons
Introduction to Bible Prophecy
Introduction to Bible Prophecy Lesson 2
Introduction to Bible Prophecy Lesson 3
Introduction to Bible Prophecy Lesson 4
Introduction to Bible Prophecy Lesson 5
Introduction to Bible Prophecy Lesson 6
Introduction to Bible Prophecy Lesson 7
Passover and Palm Sunday
Resurrection Sunday
Good Ideas and the Antichrist
Satan's Demonic Influence
Sinners In The Hands of an Angry God
Execution of Murderers
Jesus, The First and the Last
God Works In Mysterious Ways
American Independence
Welcome America
Knowing Jesus
The World
Our True Home
A Christian Nation
Jesus: The First and the Last
Large and Small
Attack on America
The Economy
Perilous Times
Jesus Is Victor
Show Us the Father
Show Us the Father (Part 2)
What Is Happening in the World?
Putting On God's Armor
Jesus, The First and the Last
Smart Cards with Chips
The Confederation of the Antichrist
Interesting Times
The Christmas Story
2002 A New Beginning

2002 Sermons
What Are You Seeking?
What Does It Mean to be a Christian?
Following the Crowd
Following the Lord
The Signs of the Times
Jesus: Our Only Hope
False Bible Teaching
The Way, the Truth, and the Life
Jesus Coming with the Saints
Try the Spirits
God's Promises
Wages of Sin
Easter and Passover
How Close Are We?
Fruit of the Spirit
Agents of Satan
Am I Ready To Meet Jesus?
Predestination and Foreknowledge of God
The Sciences and God's Design of the Universe
Is the World Getting Worse?
Being Filled with the Spirit
Possibility of Nuclear Attack
The Present Day Sodom and Gomorrah
One Nation Under God
The Ways of the World
The Image of the Beast
The War on Terrorism
What's Going to Happen
Why is Evil Allowed to Flourish?
The New Red Scare
AIDS and Spiritual Healing
And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes
Who is the Enemy?
The Truth Shall Make You Free
Knowing the Lord
The Coming War
Jesus Is My Savior
Jesus Never Fails
Islam... A Religion of Peace?
The Coming War
Today's Technology
Fear and Homeland Security
Trusting in the Lord
[PPS] The Rope
Giving Thanks
The Coming of the Lord
Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?
The Christmas Story

2003 Sermons
In Jesus Everything Becomes New
This Sick Society
Jesus Our Lord and Master
Letting Jesus Lead the Way
Jesus is the Solution
Remember the 90's Boom Market?
Preparation for the Kings of the East
Who is the Blame for Iraq?
Pride Before the Fall
Jesus Our Only Hope
Searching For Jesus
Victory In Jesus
Victory In Jesus No. 2
Followers of God
Jesus our Lord and Savior
The Love of the Father
Our Fragile Society
Israel, The Land of Jesus
[PDF] American Independence
[PDF] Dealing With The Hypocrites
[PDF] Following the Lord Jesus Christ
[PDF] Jesus the First and the Last
[PDF] Follow Jesus' Example
[PDF] Jesus: The "I Am"
[PDF] We Need The Armor
[PDF] Who Is Jesus Christ?
[PDF] Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life
[PDF] Eating and Drinking Spiritual Food
[PDF] Building on Experience
[PDF] Our Security
[PDF] Where is the World Going?
[PDF] Trusting in the Lord
[PDF] Being Honest with Yourself
[PDF] Jesus: The First and the Last
[PDF] The Fight Against Christianity
[PDF] A Policy of Life & Death
[PDF] Using the Armor of God
[PDF] The War Against Christianity and Judaism
[PDF] Walls We Have Built
[PDF] Growth During Times of Trouble
[PDF] The Ten Commandments
[PDF] Looking for the Messiah
[PDF] Wise Men Still Seek Him

Special Bible Prophecy Sermons
The Number of the beast
[WPD] Prophecy, The Bible's Message For Today (134 page study)